What should i do for my dsi?

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  1. Replace the outside sides of the shell

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  2. Replace all of shell and buttons except the inner top screen

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  3. Do nothing and sell it

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  1. bigpaws

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    Nov 22, 2009
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    So earlier this year, i modded my dsi with sound reactive leds and an xcm crystal blue case
    and i have had some problems. First, some places in the plastic on the shell has cracked, nothing serious yet but possibly later.
    Second, the camera lense plastic piece broke. Third, the ink on the buttons rubbed off withing the first time playing it. Fourth, it is common to cause screen distortion when using the d-pad as if i put pressure on the actual screen.

    my choices are as follows
    1. buy a non transparent and official replacement shell and replace the outer sides with the new shell.
    2. Using the same new shell, replace all shell parts but the top screen part as to allow the leds to work.
    3. Just sell it like is/ do nothing
    4. any combination or other suggestion

    i found this Replacement shell that would look good with the xcm blue and leds. It has the lenses, buttons, and stuff.

    What do you guys suggest?