What is Gateway Menu "Install NVRAM" ?

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    We all know that Gateway can downgrade the N3DS mset with "Install NVRAM" and after that use DEVMENU to install mset_region.cia
    I know it does work on N3DS 9.0-9.2, but I don't know whether it works on N3DS 8.1J

    We know that there is no exploit for N3DS 8.1J user to launch HBL, so they can't boot RXtool or Pasta or something else, except GW's exploit.

    Because SysNand mode such as RXtool / Cakes / ReiNand uses firm-launch, if we downgrade or install some system's cia, the console will brick.

    But GW "Install NVRAM" does not. Why? Can I understanding it something like
    Install NVRAM -> Boot sysnand = RXtool Devmode = Pasta without firm-launch?

    If so, any chance for N3DS 8.1j to update to 9.2 ?
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    If you can boot into classic mode with gateway (sysNAND + signatures patched) it should be possible to update the unit with sysupdater? But you might want to inform yourself a bit better about it, because I heard there are two versions in circulation and only one actually does the job.

    Or (if it exists) use a ROM with 9.2J update data. I know there are ROMs with this update for EUR and USA regions.
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