What games should I get?

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    You want to fill in the gap between those years?

    Halo turned up (finally) in 2001 and shook things up somewhat, especially when Grand Theft Auto III also dropped then. You also got a bit of stealth section (especially after Splinter Cell dropped) and the end of the world war 2 fad. Most modern themed games were also stealth focused (remove SOCOM and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon/Rainbow 6 (the Rainbow 6 Vegas stuff would show up at the end of this timeframe) and you are not left with that much). I should also say graphics and gameplay have not aged the best in a lot of these, not as bad as some N64 stuff but still not good.
    First though I see doom in there. I know things have merged today but Doom to Half Life is a fairly big leap. Similarly the "Doom Clone" era produced a lot of nice stuff. Obvious things are Duke 3d and anything else ID or Apogee did, but you also have things like Dark Forces. If you want to go a bit further there are some nice twists as well.

    Anyway ignoring that a lot of those were all about the multiplayer, or at least largely about it

    Operation Flashpoint. Today most would probably know it more from the dragon rising title and its sequel but it was a series before then. If you want to see where today's Arma games came from then maybe have a look.

    Max Payne. Have to mention it really. Not technically first person but worth experiencing.

    You could watch the Medal of Honor franchise's slide in mediocrity if you want.

    That said for world war 2 stuff then there is Brothers in Arms. Graphics have not done amazingly but gameplay wise it has some tricks to teach.

    If operation flashpoint was not realistic enough for you and you want more Brothers in Arms then I should mention the SWAT series. It was only ever something of a cult series at the time but it is an interesting take on games.

    It was not all the forebear of grim and gritty though and we had Serious Sam and Painkiller.

    I am not a fan of the TimeSplitters franchise but I will mention it here. It was made by a bunch of people that originally worked on Perfect Dark and Goldeneye on the N64.

    Somewhere in the middle of silly (it was an earlier take on "cinematic", it might have tried for serious but got silly for me) and grim and gritty there is Black.

    Sci fi wise then Red Faction 2 and Doom 3 are within that time period. Doom 3 is not like Doom and its crazy darkness got it a lot of stick at the time, however with a few mods (the engine has since gone open source as well). Red Faction 2... there is a reason some might have forgotten it but if you like Half Life it was seen as something of a counter to it.

    Spin some horror themes into your sci fi and I guess you have F.E.A.R., the first of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games also just about dropped in this timeframe.

    Earth Defense Force was also gaining some traction during all this. The later titles are probably a better choice for a lot of things but seeing where it began is no bad thing.

    Finally I suppose I should also take back of what I said about SOCOM and Tom Clancy's non splinter cell titles during this. They have often aged very poorly but they do things worth seeing.
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    I'll think of things later, but for now, I gotta say that I really like your taste. The best old skool shooters around, spiced up with just about the best indie games on the planet. :)

    For now, I can only mention what you most likely already know: half life 2 and that free-to-play unreal tournament that epic somewhat abandoned for fortnite (but that's still pretty darn good).

    EDIT: okay...let's see...

    @FAST6191 gave some very good mentions.

    * Serious Sam (1 and 2...probably 3 as well, but haven't played it yet) are carnage in the old "one vs all" style of the original doom. Enemies aren't too smart, but they make up for that by having massive numbers
    * Duke Nukem 3D is pretty old, but not bad. in fact, they recently re-released it with an entire new episode. Probably to make people forget about DN forever, but still...I'd pick this up if you have somehow missed it
    * painkiller. Not as iconic as the previous two, but a rock solid shooter in all aspects.
    * rise of the triads is a "maybe". It had some pretty wonky ideas, so your mileage may vary. it had a reboot as well, IIRC
    * shadow warrior: pretty much the opposite. I've played the original a bit, but was underwhelmed (note: this hasn't aged well). However, the reboot was surprisingly fun. It's from the makers of hard reset, and they really upped their game on this title. It's pretty much popcorn material, but hey...
    * bioshock. TBH, this is more a sort of RPG game (with horror mixed in) than a shooter, but it's a classic for all the right reasons.
    * unreal gold. since you have UT99 and UT2004, you probably know this one, but this rather classic adventure still holds up pretty well. The gold edition contains the Return to Na Pali expansion (which adds EVEN MORE levels). To me, unreal was (and still is) always better than half life 1. And that isn't to demean half life 1 in any way. If you haven't played this game yet, then I'd put it as direct priority.
    * devil daggers: this is an indie game, and while it borrows a lot (nearly everything) from the classic run 'n gun doom clones, it is important to stress this: THERE ARE NO WALLS. It's just you on a peak in darkness and have to survive for as long as possible.
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    :)good job for replying!!
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    Unreal Tournament.... For sure you made my day :)