What do you guys think about this hit?

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    Before you watch the video, here are the stats of the two NHL players

    Name: Max Pacioretty
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 196

    Name: Zdeno Chara
    Height: 6' 9"
    Weight: 255

    That's without their equipment/skates on.

    Anyways, here's the situation:

    In a hockey game that happened 3 nights ago, Boston Bruins were playing against the Montreal Canadiens in Montreal. It was nearing the end of the second period with roughly 20 seconds to go. Montreal is ahead in goals by 4 and Boston at 0. The puck goes towards the boards where Max Pacioretty was going to hit down the ice so his team mates could get a change without getting icing (that's where if you're not at least at the center line, and you shoot the puck down the opponents side and they touch it, you can't change your players). He hits the puck, then Zdeno Chara, the biggest player in the league with his momentum and size well... just watch the video:

    I'm just curious as to what you guys think of the hit. The player broke his vertabrae, the C4 section, and is suffering from a concussion. Zdeno only got a 2 minute penalty and a game misconduct (he can't play the next game). And a lot of players in the NHL are outraged because it's a dangerous hit, and a lot of Canadians are mad too. Some sponsors of the NHL (from canada) have emailed the commissioner and said that if proper discipline isn't made, they will stop sponsoring the NHL. And some members of the liberal party spoke out too. What do you guys think about the hit?

    The reason why he wasn't suspended for more games, or fined or anything, is because the people who make the calls at HQ, said Zdeno didn't jump from the ice. Well he doesn't have to when he can already use everybody in the league as an arm rest.

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    The most brutal hit in the hockey I every seen.
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    one word: OUCH!
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    My first reaction was "who cares, he got checked into the boards", but on the replay his head hit the leading edge of the glass, so... that sucks, it was definitely a dirty hit.