What CFW for 2ds.

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    I am getting a 2ds and I heard it will be on firmware 6.0. But I don't know what CFW to use all I want to do is install cias on to emunand (obviously). But I am looking for whatever is the fastest and easiest to install.
    Also is it a possible my 2ds will come on something above a cfw compatible firmware?
  2. Zidapi

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    The obvious choice for old3DS/2DS is rxTools, there's no comparison between it and the competition.

    It's possible, but incredibly unlikely.

    If it did come with 9.3+, you'd be the first person here to report it.
  3. kennyhi123

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    RxTool your best choice.
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    Just make sure NOT to use 4.x MSET otherwise your 2DS will be bricked if you ever format it.
  5. Tony_93

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    Jun 13, 2015
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    I'll tell you the best thing you can do:
    *Create a NAND Backup and copy it to your computet.
    *Install emunand
    *Install rxTools
    *Inject FBI and install sysupdater
    *Use sysupdater in DEV MODE to update system nand to 9.2
    *Set up autoboot themehax + autoboot rxTools
    *Update emunand to 10.1 using system settings update feature

    With all these things you'll be able to launch rxTools into emunand from coldboot, just by powering up your 2DS.

    Tutorial to set up rxTools: https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-installing-rxtools-custom-firmware-3ds-and-2ds.390867/

    I have done all this, here is a little video that shows the end results:
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