What am I missing out on?

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    Somewhat newbie question...

    I currently have a DSTT which I run with the 1.17 firmware and YSmenu. It seems to do everything I'd want it to do, but I recognize that I'm inexperienced enough to know what I might ultimately want to do.

    So, what would I gain by picking up an AK2, epsecially if I added AKIO? Is there a "must-have" that I'm missing out on?

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    As you probably know, the official DSTT menu is sluggish if you have a lot of games on your microSD card, doesn't sort games alphabetically, doesn't support folder navigation, doesn't support GBA directly, doesn't allow you to change skins from the menu, and is otherwise very basic as far as features go.

    YSMenu overcomes some of the shortcomings of the official DSTT menu, but isn't particularly pretty (by the way, you can run YSMenu on the Acekard 2 if you really wanted to).

    The Acekard menu is one of the nicest and most responsive menus on any flash cart at any price. It has all (or nearly all) of the features of YSMenu and then some. AKAIO adds more features still. The official Acekard menu and AKAIO are based on the same code, and therefore look very similar.

    You can find a lot more information about AKAIO and its features here: http://wiki.gbatemp.net/wiki/index.php/AKAIO