Went From Class 4 to Class 2

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    May 16, 2008
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    My Sandisk 8GB MicroSDHC got downgraded from Class 4 to Class 2. Sandisk 8GB. However, on my card, it states it's Class 4. My SuperCard auto sets the SD speed as 5 or 6, and I have to manually set it at like 20. What's up with that? How did they manage to downgrade it even though it's the exact same MicroSD?

    Oh, just saw the note saying that it'll now be Class 4. But can someone clarify whether my "Class 4" card would run at Class 4 speeds or Class 2 speeds?
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    Dec 16, 2007
    You don't need anything classified as class 4, 2, or 6. The Supercard SD Speed Tester will tell you the TRUTH behind what every card claims to be, that's really all you need.

    I don't know if they changed the class on these memories or if they were originally class 2 and were marketed as class 4 by Sandisk/DX. My 8GB class 4 memory is autoset to speeds 4 or 5 just like yours when I run the test, that hasn't stopped me from cranking it up to 26 to remove the lag in Castlevania intro. Yes PoR seems to freeze more often - it freezes when bringing up the start menu, never at teleports or Wind though. Anyways what I mean is that test-wise your memory seems consistant with a class 4 not 2, IF it can handle 26x.

    Disable Patch Speed(yes you heard me right) if you get movie lags and enable it and DMA but disable cheats for any game that gets stuck at transitions(changing areas, bringing up menu).

    My opinion is that you should crank up the speed on your card and that that's the ultimate test. If it doesn't give white screens when running games at 28x it's around a so-called "class 5" which is a common speed with microSD memories under 4GB(non-SDHC); if it runs at 30x in all games it's a class 6. Mine is a class 4 and it runs up to 26x without problems, anything below 24 would be class 2. Remember one important thing - these values are good for class/speed referrence but the speed it tries to set does NOT reflect the memory's full potential - in fact 99.9% of the memories that the program rates at very low speeds can be set as high as 20-28 without problems.

    Keep your eyes on that aswell as the access times autoset by the SC to see what your REAL speed is. You only care about the MAXIMUM read times(it warns you under which speeds Akumajou Dracula AKA Castlevania can have problems). There are other markers too, like when ya boot GBA ExpLoader with 30 ROMs in the GBA folder on a 2GB microSD is displays the ROM list almost instantaneously, but on my 8GB Transcend class 4 it takes around a second.

    Another thing many don't know is that with the Final Fantasy IV intro, the part where they battle and the part where they scale the ice crystal will lag on everything that also lags Castlevania DoS.

    That's about all I managed to learn about memory speeds and the Supercard over the course of my ownership I hope I've helped.