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    Jan 16, 2011
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    Hi there, I'm Haru. I've been spying on a few threads here for a while, so I finally decided to join up.

    At the moment, DS is probably my favorite system, or at least the one I'm using most. For some reason I like to keep my old systems rather than getting the newer ones; I still have the original DS, my GBA, my PS2 and of course my game cube! [​IMG] I feel like one of the last people who still appreciates the gamecube. xD

    I guess I'd say my favorite games are puzzle or detective style games. I really love the Ace Attorney and Professor Layton series', as well as Hotel Dusk. (In fact, I just found out Hotel Dusk had a sequel released in Europe, which I totally need now. O.O) Right now I'm playing Ace Attorney Investigations as well as Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. I enjoy the whole visual novel style in general, as long as they are at least a little interactive. (I once accidentally played one with no choices or interactivity whatsoever, it was pretty disappointing when it finished. :\ ) Since I'm also an anime fan, there are also some japan-only games that I'm interested in. Oh, and I could probably spend 15 hours straight playing sims. [​IMG]

    Honestly, I know nothing about mods and such things, but hopefully I can learn a bit on this forum. [​IMG] Also, I've been looking to buy a flash cart for my DS. I was thinking of getting a CycloDS, are they any good?

    Anyway, hope to see you around the forums [​IMG]
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    Welcome to the forums!

    If you're looking for a flashcart, I'd advise against getting a Cyclo at this time. It's not a bad cart, but there are better options at the moment, the Supercard DSTwo is probably the best one out, but it's a bit expensive. If you want to wait, Team Cyclops is releasing the CycloDSi later this year.
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    Sep 13, 2009
  4. Delta517

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    Nov 25, 2008
    Welcome to GBAtemp! [​IMG]

    You like a lot of the same things as me, like Ace Attorney, Layton, Anime and stuff. I also like the gamecube too. It has a lot of good games. [​IMG]
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    Yo, I'm Rydian. I tend to yell and hit on anything that moves (sometimes in that order).

    Here's my copy-paste on flash carts.

    Note that the prices given are from chinese shops.
    If you order from a shop in another country it's more expensive.
    [*]The original R4.
    NOT "R4-III Upgrade", NOT "R4-SDHC", NOT "R4i NDSLL", NOT "R4 Red", NOT "R4 King"...

    The cheap card for somebody that just wants to play games on a DS/Lite.

    [*]R4i Gold
    The cheap card for somebody that wants to play games on a DSi with more storage.

    [*]Acekard 2i
    Mid-range card for people that want to play games on a DSi/XL with some extra features.

    [*]EZ-Flash Vi
    Higher-end card with even more features.

    [*]Supercard DSTwo
    Pretty much the ultimate card right now.
    • DS / DS Lite
      The card will work on an original (fat) DS or a DS Lite.
    • DSi / DSi XL
      The card will work on a DSi or DSi XL as well.
    • Game Updates
      Firmware updates are what let cards play newer games, these are the life-blood of the card.
    • SDHC
      SDHC refers to SD cards larger than 2GB (gigabytes). If there's no SDHC support, you can only use SD cards up to 2GB.
    • WiFi Update
      The Acekard 2i can update it's cheats (and get minor bug fixes) over WiFi without having to connect to a computer.
    • Auto Ap Bypass
      Some carts have special features to ignore AP in most games, letting you play them without having to wait for a firmware update first. The Acekard only has partial support for this right now.
    • RTS
      The Real-Time Save (Save State) function lets you save and reload your game progress at any moment you wish.
    • In-Game Guide
      You can pull up text files and images in-game, in order to check a walkthrough or map you downloaded at any time during a game.
    • Slow Motion
      The card lets you slow down the game speed as you wish.
    • In-Game Cheats
      The card lets you create and modify cheats while the game is running.
    • Special Homebrew
      The card has multiple pieces of special homebrew, such as it's own GBA and SNES emulators, as well as text/PDF reader and video player.
    • Battery Life
      Unfortunately the DSTwo's extra CPU and RAM (which give it the special features) eat into the battery life a bit.
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    Welcome to the Temp, please follow the rules. Enjoy your stay.
  7. Fear Zoa

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    Jun 18, 2009
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    You say you like visual novel type games....hmmm.....perhaps you might like 999?

    also welcome [​IMG]
  8. Ron

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    Dec 10, 2009
    Welcome to the temp.
    Sorry I can't give much grog, I'm running out, but here [​IMG]
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    Jan 16, 2011
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    Thanks for the welcomes, everyone! [​IMG]

    Actually, Amazon recommended 999 to me and I think it looks pretty good. [​IMG] I've yet to get it, though.
  10. .Chris

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    Feb 20, 2009
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    United States
  11. Fear Zoa

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    Jun 18, 2009
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    Its a really good game.....I highly recommend it [​IMG]
  12. TheTwoR's

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    Aug 5, 2010
    Hello! [​IMG]
    I LOVE Layton too! [​IMG] I played through all the games at least 3 times each.
    As for Ace Attorney, I don't play it. I have the Phoenix Wright manga [​IMG]
    Enjoy your stay [​IMG]