Hacking Weird issue with loading Wii games (wbfs) on Wiiflow

Jason McAndrews

New Member
Aug 28, 2016
United States
Hello all, I am having a strange issue with Wiiflow. Not sure if this is the correct place for this thread, if not a mod can feel free to move it to the correct location. Disclaimer: I did search for my exact problem and didn't find anything that matches so if this has been answered somewhere deep in the bowels of the forums, I'm sorry. I'm a newb to softmodding but not to forums.

On to the problem... I softmodded my Wii a week ago, loaded a bunch of Wii games, GC games and NES games. Had everything working flawlessly, even tweaked my theme and whatnot for Wiiflow. In total I have about 35 Wii games loaded on an external hard drive. I have previously verified they all worked and loaded up. Today all of a sudden any Wii game I select in Wiiflow takes me to Wii Sports. I can literally select any of the 34 other games, they have the correct covers and banners but as soon as I hit play it will always open Wii Sports. I have tried reloading my cache, disconnected/reconnected my hard drive, changed the game partition to something else and then changed it back (in hopes it would "rediscover" where everything was), to no avail. The only other thing I noticed before this happened is one particular Wii game that was originally showing in Wiiflow suddenly disappeared a couple days ago, I removed it, reloaded my cache, put the game back on my hard drive and reloaded the cache again and could still not get it to show back up in Wiiflow. Then all this other issue happened with all games pointing to Wii Sports. I'm out of ideas and don't know enough yet about modding Wii's... Sound familiar to anyone or any ideas?

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