Weird battery behaviors ?

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    Apr 2, 2013
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    hey guys, i thought it was just me imagining last time that the battery behaved weirdly.
    by that i mean, changing its percentage after a while of having it off etc.

    so what happened yesterday was, battery was at 50% and i was playing MK8 deluxe for a good hour, then the battery life went down to 15% and i decided to just turn it off until i charge it again the next day.

    i turn it on now and i see the battery life was 22%, how did it go from 15 to 22 ?

    and i am also only using the official charger it came with to avoid strange battery behaviors.

    anyone else had something like this ?
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    It could be that the switch uses a projected battery meter. and as you turned it off the fan not being on etc it just returned to actual %
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