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    Aug 3, 2015
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    I am running Rebug 4.76/Cobra 7.1 Lite and my hard drive has two partitions, one NTFS and one FAT32. Originally I thought that WebMAN (and multiMAN) would only detect JB folders on a FAT32 drive but they were detecting my games in JB folder format on both partitions so I moved all the JB games over to NTFS and it was working fine but I installed the Cobra PSP launcher (and unintalled it) to try to solve another issue (where the PSP ISO's were showing up in my PS3 menu in webMAN) and now all of my JB folder games are not showing up. It is reading the ISO games just fine.

    I am really getting tired of moving my folders around and transferring files back and forth. Any ideas?
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