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    I tried asking in the release thread with no luck, so I'm trying here.

    Does We Ski & Snowboard have better controls than the first? I really enjoyed the first We Ski, but was dissapointed it only allowed left/right controls on the balance board, and didn't register forwards/backwards movement. Is this one different?
  2. DjFIL

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    It's a little bit better. I've only played skiing... not really in to snowboarding my self. Being able to jump at any time is really nice... few new tricks... also grinds are available too on rails and boxes. Otherwise the controls (including balance board input, with mentioned adition of jumping) are the exact same, tilt controllers together to tuck, flick both to push off, down on thumb stick to stop, etc. What's really nice in We Ski & Snowboard... two mountains... one all groomed resort style mountain (like We Ski 1, but bit bigger... not by much)... and one that's all heliskiing with powder and huge jumps and cliffs everywhere.