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    Oct 3, 2013
    So I'm not sure how many people use Mac OSX and enjoy "backing up" the Wii games they own. But I certainly am one. Alas all the tutorials and grief I've been through will not be in vain.
    I have a Lacie 500gb external, A Wii softmodded, (cIOS 58)(dx2 8 final IOS249) USB Loader GX, WiiFlow and CFG_USB Loader, WBFS_OSX and QWBFSManager.
    You don't need all of this. I just played with them all till I got what I wanted....well sort of.
    Ok so to the meat and potatoes. If you want to format a HDD to WBFS on Mac OSX to bad, people are only gunna tell you to use a ton of Windows programs even after you tell them you only have a Mac. Or to use Wine, VirtualBox and really they aren't helping. "Do you have a wrench for this nut?" "No but have you tried using this shoe horn?" helpful right?
    So the solution? get yourself a copy of Configurable USB Loader. It's ok if you only use it for this purpose and then delete it. However it will format FAT drives into WBFS for you, all without the need for Windows! Mac FTW? no not really, at least you didn't need Windows.
    Now people might say just use FAT32 but you need 32bit clusters (so you can use GC ISO's with DIOS MIOS) and do everything on your external welllllll. I tried formatting to FAT32 using DISK Utility and if formatted, and the Wii recognized it. However when I ripped a game to the HDD it froze at 2.8 MB, didn't matter if it was Wii game or GCN game. So WBFS Worked and therefore WBFS I will go back to and I'll get a differant HDD for GCN games. But the important thing is WBFS without Windows. Much love for the Mac OSX crowd.
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