Way to enhance the 3D "depth effect" via software/cheat/plugin?

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    So I'm curious about this since the first 2011 3DS model launched, and never bothered to ask because at that time the scene was non-existent, but now we can do nearly everything scene-wise.

    Let me elaborate:

    I will go down to describe and list from the best to the worst 3D experience giving games in these descriptions, even with the 3D slider all way up:

    Superior 3D Effect:

    There are some with an amazing 3D effect that give a volume/diorama feeling, so much that they look like as if you were viewing through a window instead of a screen, often used as a game mechanic or trying to mimic cinema-like 3D effect. l list some examples so it can be understood better, and you can add yours as well:

    • Pilotwings Resort*
      StreetPass Mii Plaza: Puzzle Swap*
      Kid Icarus: Uprising.*
      Dylon's Rolling West*
      AR Games*
      Nintendogs + Cats*
      TLoZ: Ocarina of Time 3D
      Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition
      StreetPass Mii Plaza: Non-DLC minigames
      Dead or Alive: Dimensions
      Super Mario 3D Land
      Resident Evil: Revelations**
      Nano Assault
      TLoZ: A Link Between Worlds
      Fire Emblem series
      Ridge Racer 3D
      Sonic and Sega: All Stars Racing Transformed (Not to be confused with performance, which was poor in this game)
      Tetris Axis
      Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
      Donkey Kong Country Returns

    *Best Examples of true-Depth 3D
    **With 3D depth at max set in the settings menu.

    Average 3D effect.

    Not much, not less, these games have the 3D Effect because is available and achieve a balance between game enhancement and gimmick.

    • Animal Crossing
      Mario Kart 7
      Hyrule Warriors (new3DS Only)
      Super Smash Bros 4 3DS
      New Super Mario Bros 2
      Dementium: the Ward 3D
      Face Riders
      TLoZ: Majora's Mask (Weird it has less depth since it uses the same engine as OoT3D)
      Kirby: Triple Deluce
      Samurai Warriors Games
      Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai Series
      Taiko No Tatsujin
      Tomodachi Life
      Rhythm Paradise
      Mario And Luigi: Dream team
      Kingdom Hearts: DDD

    Poor 3D effect

    These games have the 3D effect enabled only to go back in depth from the screen like 2 millimeters, in brief, have no depth (nearly flat) and only look like tiny transparent foil layers over the screen.

    • Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D
      Streetpass Mii Plaza: Every DLC minigame.
      Bit Trip
      Pokemon Games (Battle scenes only)
      Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (Depth Effect was dynamic, but poor majority of the time, reason unknown)
      Monster Hunter Series
      Mario Party Games
      Pokemon Rumble Blast

    I won't include non-3D games since those are not coded with 3D in mind to begin with.

    So I hope you get my vision on how 3D affects some games, as I said, some of these games don't have a true 3D effect even with the 3D slider at max.

    Now for the question:

    Is it possible to enhance the 3D effect in the "average" and "poor" lists games with some kind of tweak via software, so them can have true depth, like the ones mentioned on the first list?

    My wild guess is that we only need to separate the camera angle and positions of the two top screen framebuffer data that makes the 3D effect a bit more, as the effect is achieved by tricking your brain into thinking that its looking to two different angles, like we see things in the real world.
    The main reason I though of this was that Resident Evil Revelations has a setting that allows this, like I mentioned back in the lists.

    If not possible, I would like to know why and if possible, how could it be done. Thank you in advance.
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