1. kylsav

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    Feb 26, 2009
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    I Have been wondering something recently and I haven't been able to find any documentation that states if the Microsoft sticker is removed that your Warranty is void.

    Normally on any product i have looked at with a sticker on, the item says "Warranty Void if Removed," but of course neither sticker has this warning. Even BenQ drives have a sticker that says "Warranty Void if Removed" (like it matters if you got this far wdf?).

    My question is it legal for Microsoft to deny a Warranty just because the sticker has been removed, without specifying that if this is gone we wont fix it!

    I understand that of course MS does not want people modding the xbox's or repairing them . but removing the sticker does not mean its been tampered with in any way, and yes i have seen a few people now who removed em without even realizing what they where.

    if anyone finds documentation that says if the sticker is removed we wont fix it then my question been answered but Ive yet to find it.
  2. FAST6191

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Two types of warranty:

    Manufacturers warranty aka express warranty:
    Think of this like insurance, they can more or less stipulate what goes here, this includes removing the sticker. When people talk of warranty they usually talk of this.

    Legally mandated warranty aka Implied warranty.
    Usually the sales pitch will have a "awesome warranty" which is in fact this warranty and technically costs them nothing. You can remove the sticker all you want here.
    This includes manufacturing defects and length varies in places (3 years in some places: not a coincidence with the RROD and the 360), note that while you should be able to remove the sticker you may have to back it up if they accuse you or tampering and as a company likely have lawyers on the staff/on retainer it will likely leave you out of pocket trying to fight it.
  3. FlatFrogger

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    Apr 20, 2007
    Its all over their support site about the warranty sticker, there isn't a single dedicated article relating to it, for example:

    Important You should not try to service the Xbox 360 console yourself. Don't try to open the Xbox 360 console, modify the Xbox 360 console, or strip the warranty seal off of the Xbox 360 console.

    * If you open, modify, or strip the warranty seal off of the Xbox 360 console, you will void the warranty.
    * If the Xbox 360 console requires service or repair, you should contact Xbox Customer Support to arrange to have Microsoft service the Xbox 360 console.


    I believe its also in the manual and in various places on the repair site.

    You can try and argue the toss with microsoft that you accidentally damaged it doing whatever but it will probably take a load of luck with the microsoft support person to accept it. TBH theres no reason TO remove them, theyre covered up by the faceplate.
  4. joychung

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    Dec 12, 2006
    Now the new version of the warranty sticker is "when you remove it. It will leave a VOID mark in your sticker that you can't erase it without damage the sticker. "

    The Warranty sticker can be remove legally if the MS tech ask you to remove it or they remove it themselves from a authorized repair center.

    Whatever, Open your Xbox360 manual to page 22.
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