Warning - dangerous files in circuilation

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by kylsav, Apr 2, 2009.

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    I thought people should be aware of the "April fools" jokes that have been floating around the internet.

    This was written by xiaNaix on the wiinewz.com forms and not by me i just thought people should be aware of whats been floating around.

    HERE is the post
  2. Bladexdsl

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    Nov 17, 2008
    whoever invented that rick roll joke needs to be beaten to death
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    xiaNaix posts here too.
    Would probably be a much more helpful post if xiaNaix named the dodgy files rather than just suggesting all things from GBAtemp aren't safe.
    I know of the preloader thing causing some real problems and I know of one USB Loader that has been joked up but isn't really dangerous like the preloader joke has been.
    So apart from preloader .29 I'm not aware of any "dangerous" files floating about.

    xiaNaix I would love to have some more info about this if you read this.

    Anyone running to install or run an untested app on their Wii that isn't from a trusted source is asking for trouble. Whether it is posted here, at WiiNewz or anywhere else.
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    I agree

    If you install something just because one person said "hey it works" then your asking for trouble.Just give it a little time and more people will give there feedback.Don't be a lab rat.

    Also what are the fake files going around?
    I know about preloader been reading about that one all day and i just installed it on my system a little bit ago and i got the same message but other then that does anyone know what wads are bad now?

    I did install some wads earlier today but they were wads that made the usb loader into a channel.I didnt have problems with either of the two i installed.The first one looked like crap because the image used was blurred but the second one just installed on top of it but it says v1 instead of 1.1 which is actually is.I would like one that says 1.1 but with the supposed bad ones going around im just going to wait.
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    but brakken and the other are absolutely right if they are complaining about shitty releases here on gbatemp. 100s of people with a post count between 1 and 30 are posting channels or modifications of already available tools. not to mention the 20 different guis for the 10 different wdfs-tools. if you add 1000s of threads about the same stuff you'll have gba-temp at the state it is right now. the mods are only deleting posts and not forcing new users to use already existing threads by closing multiple topics. there was a huge slowdown in new and interesting topics during the last 2 to 3 month because of the lack of major breakthroughs. but as it is right now it really makes me sick. gba-temp lost so much of its appeal and quality during the last 4-5 month. it's hardly recognizable compared to that days.
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    Funny how I first heard about this HERE!!... And there were notices/threads about the 0.29 Preloader joke.

    So. That was BootMii that had the "Hello World ... lol it works ... installing IOS1337" by Team Twiizlers was it?

    Where's the link hrere?
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    With things happening so quickly lately in the Wii scene there is a lot to digest and many users are just grabbing everything they see and running or installing it without waiting for verification that it is safe. It's just a warning.

    I never said all files from here weren't safe. I was explaining why I had to censor the word "gbatemp" on WiiNewz to keep people from hotlinking files and threads here that contained stupid April Fools jokes and other crap. While I haven't seen anything that would actually brick a console on it's own, several people bought into the preloader "joke" and then tried to re-install stuff to their console and bricked it. There were also some channel versions of the USB loader that apparently overwrote other channels.