1. aqzer

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    Sep 27, 2013
    Hello amazing non-noobie people (im a noob)

    Well i have been researching all about ps3 hacking a lot because i have an xbox 360 right now and am willing to sell that and get a ps3 instead

    Now what my goal is is to get free games on the new ps3 i am going to buy and be able to play the games on there online. The closest (i think) i have got to achieving that goal is jailbreaking the ps3, adding homebrew, then adding a backup launcher like multiman, and then downloading games from piratebay or such, and then playing it from my ps3.

    Well i got a lot of problems
    Firstly if i want a new ps3 super slim or something my firmware would be higher than 3.55 (which is required to jailbreak my ps3). And i wont have that, ill have 4.56 or something like that. And if i would want to jailbreak that i would need to downgrade my ps3 to 3.55. So if i wanted to downgrade it i would have to open my ps3 (which i STRICTLY do NOT want to do) and add cables from there.

    So my first question is HOW can i downgrade a ps3 with 3.55 or higher WITHOUT opening my ps3.

    Secondly even if i did get a old ps3 with 3.55 OFW which CFW would be the best for my situation because i have seen that there are loads (kmeaw ,ect.)

    thirdly there are a lot of tutorials online to play ur backed up pirated games online on psn without getting banned. How is that possible? And is it real?

    Is there any risks if i get it jailbroken

    And if i wont be able to play online with my back up manger then i wont get a ps3 at all because for me that is the main point.

    So thanks and please help me if you can

    links ive checked out for going on psn:


  2. d.d.d.

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    Jun 26, 2012
    Blatant piracy intent declared... okay then.

    Anyways, perhaps peruse the first sticky thread to answer your thread title. Good luck~
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