WADs and paid DLC - what to do?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by DiscostewSM, Feb 19, 2010.

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    Two weeks ago, I bought Final Fantasy IV: The After Years through the Wii Shop Channel, and have finished the initial story. But, I'm reluctant to buy the extra stories because the initial story only started to get really good at the end, but from what I understand with the rest of the episodes, they are side-stories (excluding the finale), which kinda restart the game, with different characters and a different story, and will mix together at the end. I got to thinking that I could try them out before I buy them by downloading the wads and installing them, but I have a concern.

    Do I need to remove my legit version before installing the downloaded version, and by installing the downloaded version, will that affect my ability to revert back to my legit version so I can buy the side stories legitimately, or even re-download the legit initial story?

    I've dealt with things like the Homebrew channel, emulators, and media playback via SMB, but WAD installation is a new concept for me, and can only assume that it is dangerous as well. Is there anything I need to do and get to get started? My Wii's system menu version is 4.2u, doesn't have BootMii installed (though it can be installed as an IOS), but has HBC installed.
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    I know how to get it working...

    ...just check your pm inbox. That's all.

    Off-topic: I would recommend installing bootmii, even if it's only as IOS, that way you can make a complete backup of your Wii's internal NAND memory.
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    You can remove the legit version then install the pirated version and the pirated DLC. It won't affect your ability to revert back to your own "copy" you bought but when you're done with the whole ordeal delete the channel instead uninstalling the wad...otherwise it'll disappear off your previous downloaded list until you do a reformat (without wiping your shop channel account of course).