Hacking Wad2iso help please?


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Mar 29, 2013
First my Problems and what i have tried to fix them...

Problem - I followed the thread found on this site for the wad2iso setup evrything works exept when i load the game (trying with only one VC game) 1080 Snowboarding, from cfg loader i get loader.dol not found i also get this with postloader and usbloader GX somtimes it says loader.dol not found other times it just sends me back to the system menu.

What i have tried - both usb and sd setups different loaders mighty channels (dont like the setup works on real nand not on emulated nand) different ios 222 hermes v4 and v5 249dx2v8 ect (not really to knowlagable on ios settings and setup ect) loading the channels themselves from the system menu (works both fake and real nand) problem being i have 400+ channels installed and can only access about 40 i think i counted.....

i have also tried loading the channels through wiiflow as you would a normal channel from there like Neek2o channel ect

What I Want As An Outcome - nice gui (hence usb loader) also only usbloader gx shows covers,,,,,i want to be able to scroll through my wii games (only have about 7 on my drive) and also want to see my VC in there aswell with covers ect also wanting to mainly use my emunand if possible (UNEEK) also i am wanting to follow a tutorial on how to make the wii boot my emunand on bootup... thanks will be able to reply to this thread everyday but not during work hours.

EDIT - I had a play around with it this afternoon and got postloader playing them all which is fantastic BUT i download covers and they dont show up in any loader execpt usb loaderGX any reason this should be happening, only have them working through postloader so want to keep that setup only problem is the covers now
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    ILeo @ ILeo: nvm i had to change the usb folders name to "GAMES"