vWii USB Loader problems

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by legendtaker236, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. legendtaker236

    legendtaker236 Advanced Member

    Jan 19, 2015
    United States
    San Bernardino, California
    hello all;

    Recently ive been dumping the games i have to my HDD so that i may use them on USB Loader gx, however i keep experiencing problems running games, these are just some of the errors.

    New Super Mario Bros wii - During level, song stops and once i clear the stage it freezes, needing reboot.

    Just Dance 3,4, greatest hits - during dance, song freezes thus the video/audio is not synced

    Just Dance 2016 - same as just dance 3,4 but most of the time during the song or menu it goes to a black screen with a reading disc error.

    i tried using different ios's and dumped the game multiple times but alas no fix, can anyone help me?

    thanks in advance
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