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    Jul 26, 2008
    yep covers go there for the overlay menu. small .bmp if memory serves

    sneek cover option
    150 x 211
    i kept all sorts of old neek info
    uneekdi_r140 info
    Uneek+DI from crediar
    1.) USAGE:
    A.) SneekMenu :
    You must HOLD the 1 button on the first wiimote in the system menu to open the menu.
    Important : set up your region by pressing '+' on the first wiimote here
    B.) Screen shot :
    (disk-based games only) press B and 2 in game on first wiimote and it will create a RAW capture of the frame buffer on root of usb in Uneek+DI
    C.) Screen shot viewer :
    HOLD the 1 button on the first wiimote in the system menu then press 2 once the sneek menu is open
    D.) Cheat menu :
    push home to use this feature so game button combos will not interfear with this option. Then cheat main menu is opened by the combo of pressing B and 1 on the first wiimote. For more info see below '5.) Cheat menu' or go here: http://code.google.com/p/sneek/wiki/CheatMenu
    E.) 1:1 Disk Dumper :
    You must HOLD the 1 button on the first wiimote in the system menu to open the menu. Then press the '-' button (minus button) on the first wiimote to access the dump. dump extensions are .gcm(GC) and .iso(Wii)
    important : make sure the disk you want dumped is inserted into the Wii prior to starting up the Wii
    ⦁ The disc you want to dump must be in the Wii from start up!
    ⦁ It does NOT support changing the disc while running and dump another disc.
    ⦁ You have to restart the Wii for now.
    ⦁ As SNEEK is using FAT32 the files are splitting into 4GB chunks, every OS has a copy command which is able to join files.
    We often encounter situation when we need to join multiple split parts of a file into a whole file. Say, we have 3 split parts of a file myfile.ext and the splits are myfile.ext.001, myfile.ext.002 & myfile.ext.003.
    Following command in the cmd will join all of them into one:
    copy /b Game_0+Game_1 game.iso
    Explain'd for Windows7 users and users of XP with the feature of shift_right_click_open_cmd_prompt from CmdHerePowertoySetup:
    shift-right-click in the destination folder (example here is C:\) and select open cmd window here then drag and drop the files dumped in chunks from sneek on you UsbHDD to the cmd prompt window,and set the destination of the output file (where the chunks will end up as 1 file)
    Example: copy /b F:\SMNE01_0+F:\SMNE01_1 C:\NewSuperMarioBros.iso
    Dumping times depend on your HDD speed!!
    ⦁ GC : 5-10mins
    ⦁ Wii-SL: 15-25mins
    ⦁ Wii-DL: 30-50mins
    2.) SD/USB SETUP: ( *for Uneek+DI )
    A.) on your SD,
    ⦁ you need a folder called 'bootmii', with armboot.bin in it,
    ⦁ and a folder called 'sneek' with kernel.bin in it.
    B.) on your USB your FS dump goes in root.
    ⦁ kernel.bin,
    ⦁ di.bin,
    ⦁ font.bin
    in a folder called 'sneek',
    and a 'games' folder with 1 game in this format:
    Note: discEX-v0.5b-cred.rar
    -is whats used to dump the game to file format
    -drag the discex.exe into command propmt and hit enter then follow directions to dump the game, it will be dumped into the directory where the cmd prompt is opened
    usb:/games/GameName/files/<extracted game files>
    3.) Apps:
    A.) discEX-v0.5b-cred.rar : from crediar
    CMD Prompt app that dumps iso to file format for usb use with +DI
    B.) Megazig-GetDeviceCert-19d8c85.zip : from megazig
    HBC app that dumps each Wii's specific 'device.cert' for use with shop channel so shopping will work with the dumped nand
    (dont ever share you device.cert unless you want others to spend your points from you account)
    C.) FSDumper.zip : from crediar
    HBC app that dumps Wii nand to SD , transfer to usb for Uneek+DI
    D.) YCbYCr2BMP.rar : from crediar
    -CMD Prompt app that converts RAW pics to BMP format, if you want to use a PC to view snapshots instead of the built in Wii Sneek Menu RAW snapshot viewer
    -YCbYCr2bmp.exe raw.bin fancy.bmp
    E.) WadCreator.wad : made with http://code.google.com/p/customizemii/
    -instal useing you favorite wad manager and use to dump wad's from real nand to use showmiiwads to install to dumped nand
    -handy for useing HBC on you emulated nand
    * WadCreator v1.1: http://www.mediafire.com/?n5yzmqjmwzd
    * ShowMiiWads: http://code.google.com/p/showmiiwads/downloads/list
    1. Install HBC on your real nand 3.2x-4.3x
    2. Use WadCreator v1.1 to extract HBC.wad from you Wii.
    3. dump real nand using bootmii
    4. Open showmiiwads, go to "tools/extract Bootmii nand" and select your nand.bin
    5. Go back to your VIRGIN Sneek nand, by selecting your sneek drive letter in "Options/Change NAND backup path"
    6. Go to "View/ShowmiiNand"
    7. Drag and Drop HBC.wad then at the bottom click "Install", and once installed close ShowmiiWads.
    8. Then manually copy and replace your original Bootmii NAND/ticket/00010001/af1bf516.tik to Sneek NAND/ticket/00010001/af1bf516.tik
    9. Your done. Test it on your Wii.
    F.) DiskCheck.exe : from crediar , but released to scene
    -CMD Prompt app to verify .iso for game data error's
    Enjoy this nice tool that uses the Wii's own internal SSL hash codes to verify
    all the gamedata on a release.
    This tool is only good for verifying the gamedata it will not verify if the
    garbage data is dumped correctly.
    Manipulated images that are missing the garbage data "Scrubbed" do not preserve
    complete dumps and risk future problems therefor they will still be subject to
    nuking as noone can be certain if the data will be verified in the future.
    99% of scene dumps are dumped correctly it's when you get a game really early
    or it's released by iND and you really dont care if the garbage is there you
    only care about playing, then this is a great utility to test the playability of
    that release.
    Now there is a way to determine if a release is good or bad without having to
    worry. and remember this only checks the game data. iso images with missing or
    modified garbage data are still a problem.
    4.) ERROR's:
    A.) When your drive blinks in a pattern something went wrong, here is a list of what each pattern means:
    ⦁ 1:The TMD of the requested title is missing
    ⦁ 2:The TMD of the IOS the current title uses is missing
    ⦁ 3:The kernel.bin is not found on sd and or usb
    ⦁ 4:Failed to load the requested IOS (missing IOS, missing TMD/Ticket/content)
    ⦁ 5:Could not open or read sd:/sneek/kernel.bin
    B.) I just get a black screen
    ⦁ assure that you put the NAND FS dump into the root of the SD card
    ⦁ assure that the kernel.bin is in sneek folder in the root of the SD card
    ⦁ some SD cards are not supported try another card
    ⦁ if you want to use SNEEK without DI assure that there is no di.bin in the root folder, as SNEEK will load it when found, and if you didn't apply the patch to use DI this will cause a freeze.
    ⦁ the FAT lib used doesn't seem to work with 64K cluster size, assure that you use a smaller size
    ⦁ SNEEK uses USB Gecko for debug output, if you have anything in slot B it might keep SNEEK from booting, also when an USB Gecko is inserted SNEEK will hold until you read the output.
    ⦁ the bootmii folder should have this file:
    armboot.bin (compiled from source or direct download)
    ⦁ Only full FS dumps work with SNEEK, some dumpers skip IOSs or data folders. The system menu won't load without a setting.txt present.
    ⦁ SNEEK only works with modular IOSs (>28) if the system tries to load any IOS <= 28 it will fall back to IOS 35, so assure IOS 35 is installed.
    ⦁ Preloader/Priiloader doesn't seem to work with SNEEK, you can easily remove it on the SD-NAND.
    goto \title\00000001\00000002\content\
    there should be a file called 100000xx.app and a file called 000000xx.app, delete the 000000xx.app file
    rename the 100000xx.app to 000000xx.app, that's it
    If all the above fail or a previously working NAND stops working you can try the following:
    ⦁ delete "\title\00000001\00000002\data\cdb.vff" — Note: the recreating of the file can take up to 5 mins or even longer.
    ⦁ delete everything in the "\title\00000001\00000002\data\" folder EXCEPT the setting.txt! — Note: again recreating of the files can take up to 5 mins or even longer.
    ⦁ delete the shared2 folder — Note: if you delete the shared2 folder you have to setup your whole Wii again!
    5.) Cheat menu
    A.) Introduction
    The cheat menu is divided into three parts
    ⦁ main menu
    ⦁ find value
    ⦁ edit value
    B.) Main menu
    The main menu is opened by pressing B and ONE, here you can select what you want to do, currently only find value is implemented
    C.) Find Value
    Here you can enter a value and search for it.
    ⦁ Use the DPad on the wiimote to change the position and the value
    ⦁ Press A to start a search
    ⦁ Press PLUS to enter the edit value menu
    D.) Edit Value
    Here you can select a offset and live edit it.
    ⦁ Use the DPad on the wiimote to select an offset
    ⦁ Press A to toggle edit mode
    ⦁ Use the DPad on the wiimote to change the position and the value
    Press PLUS to return to the find value menu
    6.) Wii Nand Dumped Theming
    Never been so easy to change the theme of your Wii, as we now have full access to the NAND, we just have to change a file and voi-la!
    A.) Required:
    The. CSM of that topic. (. MYM has to be converted, to csm)
    dont have a theme , get them here :
    B.) Installing
    NAND On your computer, access
    Title -> 00000001 -> 00000002 -> content of your NAND
    In this folder youll find files. App. You find the one that corresponds to your System Menu:
    3.2 -> NTSC-U 00000042.app / NTSC-J 00000040.app / PAL 00000045.app
    4.0 -> 00000072.app NTSC-U / NTSC-J 00000070.app / PAL 00000075.app
    4.1 -> 0000007b.app NTSC-U / NTSC-J 00000078.app / PAL 0000007e.app
    4.2 -> 00000087.app NTSC-U / NTSC-J 00000084.app / PAL 0000008a.app
    When you have found the file,
    what you should do is delete!COPY AND SAVE! it. (or rename it for l8r use)
    Thereafter, copy the Csm file there, and then rename the Csm to 000000 XX. App
    (where XX is the number of your System Menu, or the file you deleted!COPY AND SAVEd! before)

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    Sorry, I'm not sure to understand what you want.

    if you want to compile neek from source, then JoostinOnline guide is the way to do it, you need the old DevkitARM_r32
    once you have a working environment (old devkitpro install, with old devkitARM), you just open a command line window and send "make" in the some folder where the "makefile" is located.
    I can help you setup your environment and compile projects.

    I never worked on neek's source myself, so I don't understand how it's working internally. How it works, what each module does, how it merges at the end to generate a kernel file, etc.
    unfortunately, I won't be able to help you on that.

    Oh, I didn't know neek had a Cover feature.
    Is that a recent beta/private version from OverJoy?

    I also like how Nswitch has been updated since I last used it (2-3 years ago). I see it can launch unpatched kernel now, it also uses HW boot method, no more bootmii on Wii ? (like usbgx).
    I don't know what has been done since then, I'll have to take a look at any changelog or sources I can find.
    and if there are any major changes in upcoming neek2o versions, USBloaderGX might have to be updated too, but I'm dot active on it anymore.
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    Jul 26, 2008
    id just like to know if the source trunk would have any compile info in it ,
    such as windows dependencies, or anything has been changed with devkitarm to use ...etc
    i can already compile sneek a few ways.

    but like i said oneek/neek20 always came with a .bat and way back then it was just click and rename the bins you wanted... ill try when i get my original vwii .app from storage
    and make sure my 'environment is prepd'

    Cyan is private msg permitted
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    I don't think the trunk contain any compile info. it's usually a readme on sourceforge/google/github which contains these kind of information.
    Github permit external dependencies, but I don't know how it works. But old wii project didn't have a lot of dependencies, or they were all included in the project (in libs folder, etc.). Or in libogc (then you'll need some specific version of them, like zlib for zip support, lib png, jpg, etc.)
    I provided my own libogc folder copy on usbgx project page so all people would have the same versions. now my setup is outdated.

    yes, you can send me a PM, you'll get an auto-response, don't worry about it. I might read it only tomorrow. You can also use French if you prefer.
    I'm not sure how much I can help you. I also don't have a lot of time to test things on my consoles.
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    So I hope this is the right thread, sorry for bothering...

    Wii U user here, ofw with homebrew installed on vWii, when I run a game using NEEK via USB-Loader GX it seems to work fine but once I’m done and exit to the Wii menu it gets stuck on a black screen and I have to pull the plug, anyone knows how to fix this to properly reboot the console or send me back to the Wii menu?
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    United States
    Do you have return to usb loader gx?
  7. sonictopfan

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    Mar 2, 2010
    You mean set up? No, I tried it but it didn’t work and now I set it to off.
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