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    I forgot
    Over at Wololo, a member has decided to open up a native Vita homebrew bounty, accepting the promise of donations to any dev who manages to get homebrew running in Vita mode. At this time, the current total of the bounty is +$2000.

    The bounty was opened by a GBATemp member, reprep and the way the bounty works is users will promise a set amount of money to donate to a dev who manages to get Vita homebrew running. Instead of having users donate their money into a Paypal account that could be fraud or shut down, or any other system, the bounty will only give donations directly to the coder who manages to run Homebrew on the Vita.

    More details below:

    You can check out the Wololo thread here if you'd like, and promise a donation if you're feeling generous.
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    I promise to donate a gorillion dollars! I swear!

    How would this ever work?
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    Nov 26, 2014
    One guy is pledging $1000. A bit hard to believe, no?
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    >shouldn't allow game piracy

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    this happened with the galaxy s5 for ATT and Verizon. It was like $13k approximately for a root method.

    Geohot did it and of course we don't know if he got paid but some people pledged $100s.
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    With dullards like you, it doesn't. It works with people who actually pay it forward once the exploit is found.