Visual Boy Advance-M & Dolphin Emulator Linking

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    I don't know if anyone knows this (let alone, if it's the right place)... but with the latest SVN/Git revisions of VBA-M (preferably SVN r956, as it works best), you can use the Gameboy Advance features from Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventures, Legend of Zelda the Windwaker and other compatible games via Network through Dolphin Emulator (any version or revision that's supported, even the latest one).

    Credit: Dolphin Emulator
    Dolphin to VBA-M Connectivity Showcase

    This tutorial will be for Windows only, if you're using another operating system... use either Wine or virtualization software (such as either VMWare or VirtualBox).
    • Download Dolphin from the official site here and VBA-M from here
    • Then extract them to separate folders using file archiver utility (like either WinRAR, WinZip or 7-Zip)
    • As it's against "Da Rules" of the forum and copyrighted property of Nintendo, I will not be providing a download for "gba_bios.bin" (you'll have to use a search engine, like Google to find it or dump it from your actual Gameboy Advance or a Nintendo DS using Homebrew)
    • Once you've got "gba_bios.bin", put it in the same folder as VBA-M
    Dolphin Emulator (GameCube)
    • Open the emulator. enter the configuration menu and select the Gamecube tab (with latest versions, you will need to go to the controller configuration)
    • Change the 1st port from Standard Controller to GBA (2nd port if you're playing WindWaker)
    • Then load either of the following games mentioned above (you need the Tingle Tuner from Tingle on Windfall Island in WindWaker to use the GBA function)
    VisualBoyAdvance-M (Gameboy Advance)
    • Open the emulator, go to "Options - Emulator -> BIOS Files..."
    • Select the location of "gba_bios.bin", tick enable and click OK
    • Go to "Options - Link -> Joybus Options..."
    • Set the IP address to the same one as your computer (run ipconfig in Command Prompt to check for this), Enable Joybus Connection and click OK
    • Go to "File - Open GBA..." and select "gba_bios.bin"
    • The GBA bios should load, which will then initiate the link to Dolphin
    Depending on the specifications of your computer, there may be some speed issues which can easily be fixed with a bit of tweaking in the settings of each emulator.

    FOR FUN: I'd suggest trying to play Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventures through a LAN or WLAN (like a school/college network) and see how that works for you.
    Make sure that you have permission to do this by the network administrator, otherwise you might get in trouble!

    EDIT: the latest version works in a similar way... although, it works through the file menu instead.
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    Jan 18, 2012
    What the exact number of VBA-M version?
    The latest SVN seems to be r1149, but there are no "link to" option in File menu.
    Also there are no "- select Dolphin Emulator via Network".
    You can only add IP under "Options->Link-> Joybus options".

    In other words, Tingle Tuner doesn't work at all.
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    Nice, I had wondered when stuff like this would happen and always enjoy seeing how this sort of thing works behind the scenes.
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    If only we could get it to work with Devolution/DIOS MIOS and a DS :)
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    Oct 19, 2008
    i knew i should of posted the SVN revision number. once i know, i'll edit my main post.
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    Is this possible on Mac?

    I have programs on my Mac and they both work, but I do not see the things that he says to change in VBA-M. =/

    I'm getting the latest windows version and putting it in a wineskin and trying that out.
  7. LWares87

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    Oct 19, 2008
    i don't use a Mac, so i wouldn't be able to help you. sorry... :(
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    Jul 30, 2013
    Uhh......It doesn't seem to work at the part where I call Tingle on Wind's what I did:
    1)Ran Dolphin Emulator, Selected Port 2 for GBA, Started the game "LOZ Wind Waker"
    2)Ran VBA-M SVN 947, options->link->joybus options->enabled joybus(
    3)Went to ->link->options->selected network, clicked server tab, number of players->2 , Protocol TCP/IP , Clients tab -> put my IP address in it, OK
    4)Opened GBA Bios File and VBA-M was stuck with a white screen......called tingle in Wind Waker......calling......calling.......error
    Please help with this problem..... :mellow: :O :O :O
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    im getting the same issue. :(
  10. LWares87

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    Oct 19, 2008
    Sorry for the late reply... I would honestly recommend downloading SVN r956, as it's the version which I've tested that works properly.

    @slex989 & @DarkX131:
    To fix the white screen issue that you've been having, you'll need to:
    • Go to "Options - Emulator -> BIOS Files..."
    • Select the directory where "gba_bios.bin" is, tick enable and click OK
    Also, make sure that the IP address in "Options - Link -> Joybus Options..." is set to the same one as your computer (run ipconfig in Command Prompt to check for this).

    Just to point out that, i will be updating the opening post with a more up-to-date tutorial which should be a lot clearer and easier to understand.
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    Bogus. I am using Dolphin 5.0 and VBA-M SVN!337, but the white screen still stands.
    In dolphin's forum, there was a post saying that after setting the IP, both emus should freeze, until you load the GBA BIOS file on VBA-M. But for me, Dolphin is not freezing and still plays, and VBA-M has white screen issue.

    P.S.: I wanna try Wario World's WW$ minigames.
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    Apr 4, 2017
    Hey i just joined the forum to make this one post.

    So i've been trying tons of fixes with single and multiple PCs. The timing-problem being the issue between VBA-M and Dolphin.
    I'm running Dolphin version 5.0 right now and with the VBA-M-WX it's working perfectly with the link between GBA and Dolphin!
    Here is the download link i've used.
    The application (for Windows) in the list is VisualBoyAdvance-M-WX-2.0.0-beta

    Keep in mind four settings to make it work. (From the VBA-M-WX's side).
    Turn off "Pause when inactive".
    Options->Link->Type->GameCube <--- That specific one needs to be ON
    Options->Link->Local Mode <--- Same here, keep it ON
    Options->Game Boy Advance-> Use Bios File <--- This has to be ON or it seems the emulator won't start any game

    Options->Link->Link at Boot <--- I've not seen this do any difference at all
    You will always seem to have an error message when starting the application if you've previously had Local Mode turned on at all, it does not seem to affect anything.
    Unlike many posts in the "unstable connection" with many VBA-M versions you do not have to keep turning the link off and on all the time, I keep the setting on

    Ofc like all others i say that you will need a GBA Bios file to make this work, with the character sensitive extention BAT. But just google it and you'll find it somewhere

    I've only tested the link with the one game i wanted it for (right now). And that's LoZ: The Windwaker. Could be that it reacts differently elsewhere.

    I've tried it on my stationary PC and one of my laptops, works like a charm! Just a very little amount of sound distortions when connecting the GBA in-game but when it's connected all works fine.

    I might check back here soon if i remember but keep one thing in mind. I'm no developer, i'm just a stubborn guy who refused to give up and put 6hrs into this. So don't expect lots from me on that end
  13. Lallo

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    Feb 19, 2017
    I tried this and it works for the "first instance" of GBA emulator.

    I wanted to connect 4 GBA emulators as shown in this video:

    To play 4 players Zelda Four Swords Adventures.
    Hoever when I start and try to connect the 2nd GBA is just loads the Game Boy Logo and it doesn't connect as player 2 .

    Any help with this? I've searched the net and can't find a solution.
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    Follow that
  15. Lallo

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    Feb 19, 2017
    I finally solved this here is how to do it:

    Step 1:

    Use THIS Dolphin version:

    Use THIS VBA version:

    Step 2.
    Download the GBA BIOS file (just google "vba gba bios file").
    Get the Zelda four swords rom

    Step 3.
    Open Dolphin and launch the Zelda rom. Be sure that the controllers 1-4 is set to GBA in the controllers tab

    Step 4.
    Follow this youtube video:

    You can use the ip:

    Step 5.
    I connected my ps3 controllers (by using SCP, google it, easy) and then just configured the controller in the VBA setting and then "set" to which player that should control which character.

    Step 6.

    - Sorry if this is a bit of a lazy guide. Follow the instructions on the youtube video and you will be fine!
    the hard part was to find what version of dolphin and VBA that worked!
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    Now can you make one to get Animal Crossing to work? I really wanted to play the GBA Island and none of these options are on the thing I have.

    Dolphin 5.0
    Tried setting Port 1 and Port 2 as GBA, but not sure how that would function since you just use a GameCube controller the whole time.

    VisualBoyAdvance-M Git (also tried VisualBoyAdvance-M 2.0.1 but that doesn't even recognize the BIOS)
    All these videos say to use JoyHub which is not on any version of VBAM I have tried. Mine just says Link -> GameCube

    When I am able to get VBAM GIT to work I load the BIOS and it stutters, but Dolphin does not even bat an eyelash. I know people have got the things to work as I have seen people talk about it.... just cannot figure out what version of Dolphin and VBAM they use.
  17. sabrefox

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    Feb 5, 2018
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    I figured it out by rolling back to an older version of VBAM
  18. AnimalCrossingGameCube

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    Jul 13, 2018
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    I can't find Options - Link -> Joybus Options, where is it? I'm on version 2.1.0 of Visual Boy Advance-M.

    EDIT: I would like to use this software with Animal Crossing to get to the GBA island, how do I do that? Could somebody please give me a step-by-step tutorial that works?

    EDIT #2: Ah, I've just realised that I could download an earlier version to solve the problem. I'll try that.
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    Nov 14, 2013
    Does it work with the Pokémon games?
  20. FancyNintendoGamer567

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    You mean stuff like Pokèmon Box and Pokèmon Colosseum/XD then I guess yea.