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Dec 16, 2020
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Hello, and good day, VinsCool! It has been months since I have been meaning to express feedback of mine about music works of yours shared on posts of this thread; I will now:

Haydenwoffle - OST Compilation part 1(Collab w/VinsCool)
An original soundtrack of a videogame, from a collaboration between VinsCool and Spring_Spring; next, are
Battle: An immersing,charming and intense track for myself to listen at, featuring an entertaining flow and effective sound design!
Puppydogs Playful: A bouncy, fun, acreative, and lighthearted track for me to listen at!
Glimmer's Theme: Listening at, is enticing my mind to fantasy about a wonderfully epic and mystical character, clearly sensing a place in space, visible for, in front of. A deep track effectively bringing vivid images to my mind, and one of my favorite ones!
Hayden's Theme: I find myself bobbing my head at the pace of beats of: It is a catchy track, featuring a outstanding motif for me: I recall listening an opening of videos by Spring uploaded to YouTube, time ago, that I exclusively associate to.
Happy Pupper Village: A radiant and uplifting track for myself to listen at: From, I feel desire to move my body the pace of beats in! Listening at, entices me to picture a wholesome environment in my mind featuring creatures around a circle formed with stones, and one of them dancing on the surrounding of the circle formed with stones.

[Original] Alien Polyphony (Atari TIA, Recorded from Real Hardware)
A catchy track that I found myself strongly attracted to move at its beat pace; both: Sound design of effects; and use of; in, are captivating to me: I am enjoying of a fun time listening at!

[Original] Testing... (Atari TIA, Recorded from Real Hardware)
I am feeling good from listening at, in my chest; Testing..., features pleasant sound design and ambiance for me!

(To this moment, this is an incomplete post)


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Nov 5, 2002
i only downloaded a couple to have a quick listen.. mystic cave zone from sonic ... you really nailed it because you give it a clicky clacky feel to it ( lol i know what im talking about :rofl2:) but its a good lower bit rendition of it well done! if you still work on projects it would be nice to see your take on streets of rage 2 and outrun... soundtracks that are very fond to me!
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