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    Mar 25, 2015
    United States
    i have a little problem with my
    Ipega 9083s

    it is a controller for the switch thats a joycon alternative. problem is its mainly for tablets and phones. and has switch compatibility thrown in.

    the problem is, that there is a home button but no screen shot or vid capture button. and to save a screenshot you have to quickly press the home button. but not long enough that it sends you home.

    but i can not find info anywhere on any functionality for videos.

    i have broken joysticks on my joycons. And I ABSOLUTELY refuse to give nintendo any money on a controller that they Fucking refuse to fix or listen to consumer complains or input on, just because its makeing them money. Hell they made a entire switch system that has unremoveable thumbsticks. and didnt fix the problem with even that. and havent made any edits to the joy cons at all sense launch.

    So im wondering is there anything i can do to be able to capture video with some sort of homebrew app or maybe a Tesla overlay would be a really cool thing to have. I havent seen anything done with Tesla other than the edizon overlay which is god tier because edizon crashs for me non stop.

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