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    I feel like my 3DS has very poor range on the wireless and I am not sure if my 3DS has a problem, or if all original 3DSes have worse wireless than the XL.

    About a year and a half ago, I was out with a friend at a convention where a lot of people had 3DSes, so I should have been able to get a lot of streetpasses, yes?
    Yet, I would get barely any, while he always got tons. He has an XL and I had a regular 3DS.

    Fast forward another time later, us two trying to play via wireless, MK7 I believe it was, via Download Play. Connection keeps getting cut even though we're literally right there next to each other.

    Then, me trying to connect to my Wi-Fi. I use Connectify on my computer to share its internet with my 3DS. I originally got it because I noticed I was unable to connect to the home Wi-Fi anymore. It could see the network, but always failed to connect to it. So I got Connectify, because then my 3DS would be much closer to the access point.
    Except, I had my laptop on my desk, with my 3DS in front of it. Should be close enough, right? But it still struggled to download games on the eShop, only taking back 2 baubles out of 4, dropping to 1 out of 4, sometimes even failing completely and telling me there was a communication error. I was able to play games online fine, though, like playing MK7 I didn't get communication errors unless I stayed on the menu screen for too long, and I guess the connection kicked me out from being idle, idk.

    More recently, now using a desktop, which sits under my computer desk, so the Wi-Fi signal comes from a bit further away than when I had a laptop sitting directly on the desk. I have to leave the 3DS sitting flat against the desk for it to work, otherwise I get communication errors and it's pretty much unusable. Even if I just pick up the 3DS to hold it, it's enough to make it fail. Even worse, just earlier I had it sitting right in front of my screen, where I'd usually put it to connect it to my Wi-Fi, and it just couldn't connect to the Wi-Fi. Connection test failed at the step where it connects to the access point itself. I had to move it all the way back to the back corner of my desk, right above my computer, for it to finally pick up the signal properly and allow me to connect to it. I probably have to be within 3 feet or so of the access point otherwise it won't work.

    Meanwhile, 3DS XL I bought earlier in November, connects to my Wi-Fi perfectly fine regardless of how far the it is from my computer (well, within reasonable limits, of course.) But it works a lot better, I can just turn on my Wi-Fi, it connects to it without complaining, signal strength seems much better.

    Is the wireless on regular 3DS just worse than on the XL? Anyone else experiencing these issues? Or is the wireless on my 3DS just crapping out? It works so well on my XL, and I'm pretty sure it used to work much better than that on my regular 3DS. Used to be able to connect to the home Wi-Fi from just about anywhere in the house, but now, I have to broadcast my own AP from my computer to connect unless I'm right next to the router.

    If something's crapping out with my 3DS's wireless card, how would I go about figuring out what needs fixing exactly? I think I can find disassembly guides on the net fairly easily, but without being able to pinpoint where the problem is I probably won't know what to fix exactly. I mean, I guess I could get an entirely new wireless module and replace it, but *shrug*
    I don't really want to have to disassemble it unless I know that something's broken and I'm opening it up specifically to replace parts.

    (It is also well past warranty so it'd probably cost quite a bit to get it fixed, which probably isn't worth the trouble.)

    Well, anyway I guess buying that XL was more worth it than I thought it would be, lol.
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    Newer models come with newer hardware. The original 3DS had some serious issues with the inferred connectors and Wi-Fi panels. They improved those overtime. I'm sure it's just a matter of your system being worn down.
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    I also feel my n3ds wifi is weak... my computer Is 2 feet from my bed and I can't even lay in my bed and have online pokemon battles/smash battles without getting disconnected... even youtube takes 2 minutes to load a video at times.. it even buffers when trying to load....
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    I thought that I was the only one that felt this way! I have the original o3DS and it has AWFUL wireless range. All of my devices connect from my room with no trouble, even wireless ones EXCEPT my o3DS! The only way I can use the Internet on my 3DS is if I'm extremely close to the WiFi router.
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    Yeah the disconnect range is something. I have to be in the same room to do not loose the connection I though it was my modem but It only happens with the 3ds new and old the old one is the worst.
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    Huh. Have a launch day O3DS and have never experienced any connection issues with it. Downloads are slow, sure, but it's like that for all 3DS's.
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