VC #0605 - Chou Aniki (Japan)

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    From the Retro Review #3


    Game: Cho Aniki Format: PC Engine Super CD (via Virtual Console) Genre: Horizontal Shoot-em-Up
    Publisher: Masaya Developer Masaya Year Released: 1992

    An legendary famous shooter, all for the wrong reasons. Yeah some people say its "pretty gay" and yeah I guess it is very camp, but then so was 300 and most of the soldiers in that had women to bonk silly. This was previously a Japanese only game until 2008 when it hit the Virtual Console service, although cheaply without any English translation. Cho Aniki is roughly translated to Super Big Brothers. This first game in the series is nowhere near as explicit as the following games and some may wonder how it got its reputation, but still its pretty camp and weird.


    What we have here is basically Gradius but with a Sparta theme, in parts it reminds me of Barbarella. You play either a cape wearing chap named Idaten or a blue hair lass named Benten and these are kinda like your ships in which you shoot the enemies with. They are also accompanied by these two beefcakey camp gentlemen named Samson & Adon, who act as sort of satellites for your character assisting you by shooting out of their head...yeah. These two chap have pretty much become the mascots for the whole series and also do little camp poses on the continue screens. It is suggest that these chaps are the "Super Big Brothers".

    The whole look of the game is what some could say is "fucked up", some of the time you find yourself laughing at the enemies you have to shoot. The enemy sprites are very well drawn and really carry that mashed up Spartan look. While playing this recently via Virtual Console the Mrs looked at me and said "we gotta play this high!", I agree, next time the kid is at her Nans, we're gonna get fucked and play this. I don't recommend this kids, wait until you go to uni. Sound wise its all pretty good, the music like the look of the game is fucking odd, the tunes got inside my head and I feel like I've been abused afterwards but in a good consensual way. The only problem with the music is that its so damn mellow despite what is going on screen.


    This is a pretty good shooter, it has the right difficulty and enough flare to separate itself from the other shooters on the PC Engine/TurboGrfx. To be honest without the theme this would be just another shooter but the theme makes it fun. Sadly immature out there have labelled this as being a terrible game just because they feel that its gay, these same people probably have never played the game. If you are into shooters, grown up enough or have a good sense of humour you can play have a lot of fun with this. Remember people, its only gay if the balls rub.7 and a half out of 10

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