uTorrent no icoming connectiosn problem

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by Prime, Nov 27, 2008.

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    Nov 7, 2007
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    ok so I've managed to free time to sort out this annoying problem.

    When ever I open uTorrent I have this symbol at the bottom: [​IMG] which means I have no incoming connections.

    Now i click on it and check if the port is opened, The site it brings me to says the port isn't opened but I have opened:


    I didn't know what IP address I should have placed, I got from a guide somewhere. disabled both firewalls I have but the icon still doesn't turn green, I enabled both firewalls and put everything to do with uTorrent as a Exception but that still doesn't work. See the thing is my torrents still download but I'm thinking I'm not getting the best speed avaiable since I have no incoming connections according to uTorrent.

    Any help?

    EDIT: Topic title is meant to be: uTorrent no incoming connection problem
  2. Killermech

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    Mar 5, 2004
    Well for first, check the preferences in utorrent / connection tag.
    I assume you put 43094 , in port used. Since that's the port you opened for the router.
    But did you uncheck the 'Randomize port each start'?
    So you're not given a new port each time you start utorrent.

    Secondly, what the main problem probably is that you opened the port for the wrong ip number that the router is giving your computer.
    Go to start- run - type cmd and press enter.
    type 'ipconfig/all'
    at ip adress it should say which ip your router has given you. 192.168.1.XXX

    Once you know that, you go the port settings page and type that ip instead.
  3. rscarrab

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    I was having SERIOUS trouble with my torrents. This happened about a year and a bit ago, and up until the last 2 months i couldn't use bittorrent (unless i wanted to make due with 0.2kb/s -> 15kb/s download speed).
    So i had to use rapidshare to find my stuff... which i then hated a lot more than i still do now.

    [Before i continue id just like to say that i tried numerous fixes and tweaks without any joy what-so-ever so im just going to mention the two things that did fix my bittorrent problems.]

    I too was also getting that yellow symbol at the bottom of my client indicating that i couldn't get my full potential of incoming connections. Changing and opening different ports didn't fix this, though i would randomly get the green symbol (which you probably well know; is what you want).

    Anyway, to remedy this i had tried everything but "forcing encryption", unchecking "allow incoming legacy connections" and using port 80. This worked. It turns out my ISP was throttling / packet shaping, hence the use of port 80.

    I do realise that with those two options i've just ruled out a whole bunch of seeds, but i haven't had any speed issues as of yet.

    Before i became aware of all this i was pulling my hair out; opening ports, trying different clients and generally wasting my fucking time downloading well seeded torrents that i didn't need (d/l speed still stayed below 20kb/s) to test my changes.

    Also, to get my full line speed potential i patched my system32\drivers\tcpip.sys; if your using Vista than i'd recommend downloading the tcpip.sys patcher + ready driver plus. The default one that is present limit's the max concurrent connections depending on what Vista package you have (Vista Ultimate allows more than Premium for instance). It definetely improved my overall internet + bittorrent speeds, but if your using XP than im pretty sure that your tcpip.sys isn't capped and so this fix doesn't apply (Could be wrong about XP as i've been without it for a while now; it may very well benefit you to patch the tcpip.sys or check if there is an XP version if needed).

    That's all the advice i can suggest, hope it helps!
    If it doesn't, well... meh... i know how it feels.
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    Using any IP filters? (peerguardian 2) It blocks utorrents ip so if you go to speed guide to see if your port is open it will say error. Most IPfilters are blocking utorrent. All it does is call utorrent for a bootstrap on DHT connections.

    If using peerguardian 2 and DHT, when you open utorrent you see it ip is blocked. Turn off DHT and start the program again it doesn't come up.

    Otherwise go to: http://www.portforward.com/english/applica...r/Utorindex.htm and look up your router and see if it says anything specific to do or fix. I there there was a Linksys router that had issues but forget what models it affected.
  5. Prime

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    Nov 7, 2007
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    Success! I did have the wrong IP number so putting the correct one made it work.

    Thank you!