Using AIO with AK2?

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by JimFritzMI, Sep 7, 2008.

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    AIO, and the original AK2 shell for that matter contain a dldi for both the NAND and SD memory so they can support the both AKRPG and the AK2. I think that's great that they can be used for both cards. My question is as I have a AK2, would it be possible to to some how hack the AIO or official shell to support the SD and some other dldi? For instance I have a MMD, and if I use the DSDuelBrowser, I can launch apps from the MMD if they've been dldi patched. Is there some way to get the akmenu4.nds to see the MMD and then autopatch with a dldi of my choice?

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    I've got a MaxMediaDock [​IMG] , too, and I've got it set up so that the shortcut option (not the slot-2 shortcut) points to a MML dump. Then I've got DSOrganize renamed to bootme.nds on the MMD.

    I've also got a copy of akmenu4.nds on the MMD to launch back to slot-1

    It's pretty neat being able to go back and forth between slot-1 and much storage space.

    [​IMG] Not that any of that answers yer question, it's just another way to access yer MMD other than using DualSlotBrowser

    edit: This is DLDI_NOpatch .It's a tool that makes it so that whatever dldi you have patched to a file stays the same (won't auto-patch). It's very useful for aiming whatever .nds file you want towards slot-2.

    To use it, patch said file to MMD dldi, then Nopatch the same file