USBLoaderGX problem? (freeze game)MH3 and DKCR

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    Jan 20, 2011
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    HI, i completed the softmodding of my black wii thanks to the guide presented in this forum (btw really good one) always checked never made an account [​IMG]

    My problem is the next one.
    when i tried Monster hunter TRi i got a long beeping noise so i did research about it, and found that i needed to install hermes
    options chosen (ios 250 (22 default) (ios 38 merged with 37) and i changed the ios to 222 in usb loader gx on that game and it worked, i played for a while, but i then went to play donkey kong which i had played before but because i never passed the first level i had to start all over again, now when i choose 1 player and it goes into the game (the little cloud game before the whole video of the mask hypnotyzing the animals it gets stuck at those clouds
    And i can get the menu of the wii (home button) but if i i cant restart nor go back to menu cuz i get a black screen need to force off (10 secs power off switch)

    and i cant play that anymore, any solution? help?