USBLoaderGX emulator support

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    I was thinking about USBLoaderGX's ability to boot games directly into Nintendont and Neek. So it got me thinking about the possibility of being able to see a list of my rom libraries, and being able to load those roms by having USBLoaderGX boot the emulator directly. The user would be able to specify paths to the emulator's boot.dol and it's corresponding roms.

    Would something like this even be possible?

    I assume that if USBLGX just loads the boot.dol that it would simply take us to the emulator's GUI. But then I think of Nintendont and Neek, and in those two cases it loads directly into the game, bypassing those loader's GUI's. Would be cool if we could do this with emulators.
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    do a search in the ULGX thread
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    that's the "plugin system" used in wiiflow, and planed (I don't know when) for USBLoaderGX.
    BUT there's a big issue !

    it requires emulators to accept auto-launching ROMs passed by arguments, which a lot are not designed to work like this and requires custom builds of those "bootable" homebrew to work in a plugin system.