Usbloader gx errors with Dios and nintendont, help? :c

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Tenkira, Aug 5, 2015.

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    Okay, so I'm trying to run 20xx on USBloaderGX, I was able to ONCE but now I can't with nintendont or diosmios I don't have devolution. Anyway, the errors i'm getting for both are different.
    This pic provided is the error i'm getting for nintendont:

    And this one here is for Dios:
    Now here's a little more on Dios if it helps, I have dios 2.10 AND 2.11 as well as 2 different RVL mios Wads I'm not sure if that's what could be causing the issue, but when i try running 20xx from Dios it goes to a black screen, and then goes straight to bootmii and the wii sounds like it's trying to load a disc but I put discless ON. so idk why it's doing that. I tried uninstalling the dios 2.11 wad but it failed in wad manager, and i kinda downloaded two different IOS 236's :/
    As for nintendont the game works fine in the program.

    I just want to be able to load it directly from USBloadergx tho! :c so I hope someone can help!
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    The two messages are the solution.
    first message : launch from HBC, or update your channel !
    HBC since 1.0.7 grants AHB access. so you are either launching the loader from a very old softmod (pre 1.0.7), or you are launching the loader from an old channel installed on your system menu. the message tells you to update the channel ! (and do the same with HBC too if you really are on 1.0.6 or less)

    Another issue could be because you are launching the loader from Priiloader.
    but again, the message IS the solution : launch from HBC or from an updated channel. don't install the loader's boot.dol directly into priiloader.
    If you want to autoboot the loader, then install an updated forwarder channel on your system menu, and install the "forwarder's dol" into priiloader, not the "loader's dol". the forwarder dol is available in the "all in one package".

    second message :
    to launch gamecube backup you either need to :
    1- install a different gamecube loader (a different MIOS system file), so either DIOS MIOS or DIOS MIOS Lite or cMIOS instead of the default MIOS which reads only retail discs.
    2- Choose a different gamecube mode --> you are probably set on "MIOS" mode in the settings, so you need to set it to Devolution or Nintendont mode to use one of these loaders instead of using the MIOS mode.

    1. You don't need IOS236 at all.
    2. NEVER uninstall a system file.
    3. you can only have one MIOS file at a time on your console, installing one overwrite the previous one. If you install all your "mios" files, your console will only have the last installed one, not all of them.
    so you probably deleted the MIOS system file (and it blackscreen reboot), or you reinstalled the MIOS v10 in last step which deleted "backup enabled MIOS".
    4. you probably are missing some knowledge to understand what you are doing to your console and how it works. unfortunately, there are too much softmod guides for "noob" without explanation.
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