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  1. Fynezilla

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    Mar 20, 2011
    Hi there im new at this so im going to try and explain this properly, ive bought a Samsung G3 Station 2TB External Hard drive, with its own seperate power.

    I Bought a Brand new black wii from Big W and then took it to a local chipping store and they installed a Wode on my wii and also installed a SD card which has the homebrew channel installed.

    Currently Im using Wodeflow and its loading all my iso wii games correctly.

    I decided to install some wii homebrew applications, so after reading up on many pages i downloaded the applications i wanted, Various Emulators Wii64, Snes9x GX all from the website.

    When i boot up my wii and open the homebrew channel all of the applications work and open up fine, but saving wont work.

    So ive created 2 partitions using, i basically resized the 2tb one and created a 2nd partition thats 40gb and it has all of my emulator roms and emulators on it, now the strange thing is when i open snes9x/ VBA/ FCE they can all now see the partition and load games from it but when i try and save it fails, and wii64 cant see the hard drive at all, im not sure whats going on but something isnt right

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Hmm sounds like the troubles I had once upon a time.... what IOS is the homebrew channel running under? press home when in the channel it will give info at the top and bottom of the page and one should say something about an IOS.

    If it's not 58 that might be the problem. If it's not IOS 58 you need first to run a syscheck to find out if the latest IOS58 is installed. If it is reinstall the HBC with the latest Hackmii installer. If IOS58 is not installed use modmii to softmod the wii and allow you to install the latest IOS 58. (It's really really easy as long as you read and follow the instructions that modmii gives) Once thats done reinstall the HBC and try the emulators. if it running from IOS 58 and you have the latest Emulators available that should hopefully solve your issue.

    I hope that helped.
  3. Fynezilla

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    Mar 20, 2011
    im running homebrew 1.08 and ios58 24.32
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    You didn't tell us, but I assume you are using FAT32 or else homebrew channel wouldn't list them, right ?

    You have the latest HBC and running on the correct IOS, so the problem is not your Wii.
    It could be your hard drive which is not compatible (but if it's listing the content, it should write without problem).

    For the "GX" emulators, you can either set the save path to SD card (which is the default path, so maybe you don't have an SD card inserted ?), or set a SMB share to save directly on your computer.
    It's not a fix for your problem, but it will help you using your homebrews.
  5. Fynezilla

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    Mar 20, 2011
    yer its fat32 and yer the stupid thing is it reads them but it cant save i dont understand it