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    Original text from a post on tehskeen decided to copy for gba users since this thread makes sence.

    Unless its "Model XXX HD - Works / doesnt work" Thanks.

    Please post information on your working/nonworking drives! Much thanks to onyxx. Thanks for the help and making it look pretty.

    Tips and Tricks

    If it doesn't work, try these things first:

    * unplug all usb devices except for the hard drive
    * plug your usb hard drive in before turning on wii
    * try the other usb plug on the wii
    * the drive needs to be partitioned before using it (if you can use the drive to store files from your computer, it is partitioned)
    * many are saying that it should be formatted with fat32 before using, but it has worked for others to start with ntfs drives
    * Use a working drive, unplug usb, plug in non-working drive
    * Use SwissKnife Freeware to format larger drives with fat32

    Known working drives

    * Western Digital mybooks are said to work
    * 1 TB Western Digital Elements Model Number WD-0000EB035-01
    3.5" drive, external 12v Power Supply
    I think it had 2 512GB partitions, so I don't know if 1TB of space works
    * 1 TB Toshiba USB 3.5 external drive -- USBLoader won't dump games to it, but I can use any of the PC tools to dump games on and USBLoader is perfectly happy loading them. product page
    * 640 GB toshiba PX1393E-2G32 usb2.0 with external
    * 640 GB Seagate ST3640323AS hard drive
    * 500 GB Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD5000AAKS 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive, VANTEC NST-360SU-BK 3.5" eSATA + USB2.0 Aluminum External Enclosure
    * 500 GB Plextor PX-PH500US 2.5 inch usb-powered hdd, nice because it does esata for faster computer-side transfers
    * 500 GB Seagate FreeAgent Desk
    * 320 GB Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD3200AAKS 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive, Antec USB 2.0 enclosure
    * 320 GB Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini (Fry's special: $70 down from $130) it needs a second USB port for power.
    * 320 GB IOMEGA "eGo" portable USB HDD (sku#34460) can be found at Staples for $90
    * 250 GB Western Digital My Passport Essential
    * 250 GB Seagate FreeAgent Go portable drive Model #:ST902503FGA2E1-RK -- Method: I used SwissKnife v3.22 (freeware) HDD preparation program from CompuApps (not sure if its compatible with Vista or Win7beta) to FAT32 with the partition being the full available drive (~232GB). Then formatted it through USB-Loader 1.1 interface to the WBSF.
    * 250 GB SimpleTech Signature Mini 2.5"
    * 160 GB Simpletech HD BOM NO. 962000-41002-110, 2 usb plugs on the wii side
    * 80 GB Seagate FreeAgent 2xUSB powered
    * 60 GB Seagate Momentus, 5400, SATA 1.5
    This is the HDD from the 60GB PS3. used a Roswell 2.5" USB-2-SATA case.
    * 60 GB Maxtor OneTouch ?mini?
    (since it's USB powered I'd assume it's the 2.5" one touch mini)
    * 40 GB IDE drive (2 USB cables), Cheap Asaka 2.5" IDE USB/Firewire enclosure
    * 32 GB and 16 GB OCZ Rally2 USB 2.0 Dual Channel Flash Memory Drive
    * 10 GB Toshiba 2.5" IDE hdd, hunder-X 2.5" enclosure
    * 4 GB USB Jetflash drive, cheap usb cable that connects to 2.5", 3.5" & sata hard drives with or without power. These cost 10 shipped on ebay.(probably not the best for long term use since they have no enclosure)Click here for a picture
    * 2 GB Resident Evil 5 USB Chainsaw Flashdrive
    * 1 GB Kingston data traveler
    * 1 GB Sandisk Sansa c140 mp3 player

    Works Sometimes (hotswap tricks, etc)

    * 1TB iomega Desktop Hard Drive USB 2.0 SKU: 34275
    Said to work after several reboots
    * 400GB Seagate (doesn't have a model number on it)
    Said to work after several reboots
    * 16 GBKingston data traveler
    * 500 GB ProDrive SimpleTech by Fabri works to run games but not to dump for the one person with this drive so far
    * ipods--keep hearing it different ways on the same model
    * 750 GB Samsung HDD, Lacie enclosure -- works with LoPsT has modified the 1.1 USB Launcher so that it retries the USB device detection download here or here (use at your own risk, this does not work for everyone)

    Known failing drives

    * Maxtor one touch II 100 GB with external
    * Maxtor Peripherals PTE - OneTouch II - EB250G0060101
    tried with a number of hard drives
    * xtrastor usb 2.0 portable Hard Drive enclosure
    powered over usb (with the 2 plugs on the wii/computer side)
    IDE 120 GB 4200 drive installed
    * Easy World 3.5 Movie World Enclosure
    one of those that works as a USB hard drive and a TV media player
    external power supply. IDE 40 GB 7200 installed
    * 20 GB xbox 360 HDD
    * Transcend JF V30 4 GB
    * MPlayerCE
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    about how many games would a 60GB hold?
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