USB Loader GX running emunand from another Wii

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    Hi there,

    My old Wii no longer outputs a video signal, so I got a new one to replace it. (New to me; it's actually used. I don't have the model number in front of me, but it's one of the earlier-model black ones, with GameCube support.) I'd like to be able to run all my VC/Wiiware games and use all my saves from the old Wii. I asked some questions awhile ago in a thread called Can I migrate my data to another Wii? and decided that USB Loader GX/emunand was probably the best way to go.

    Since I'm unable to get a picture on my old Wii, I wasn't able to do a nand backup from USB Loader GX. However, I had a nand.bin backup from BootMii, and I used Wii NAND Extractor to extract it to [sdcard]/nand.

    I loaded up USB Loader GX on the new Wii. I went to Settings -> Custom Paths and confirmed that Nand Emu Path and Nand Emu Channel Path were both set to sd:/nand. I set the titles sources to EmuNand Channels, Wii Games, and GC Games (ie not real nand channels).

    All my channels from the old Wii appear in USB Loader GX, but none of them run; all of them drop me back to the Homebrew Channel with no error. Loader IOS and Game IOS are both set to 249.

    Wii games load from the optical drive. Some Wii games will load from the USB hard drive, while others fail back to Homebrew Channel just like the VC games do. Of the games that load, none of my save data is there.

    Lastly, GC games run fine from the optical drive, but when I try to launch one from the HDD, I get the following error:

    I have a GC disc in the drive, DIOS MIOS is installed (and worked on the old Wii), and GameCube Mode is set to MIOS.

    Can anybody help me figure out what I've missed? Keep in mind that I'm tech-savvy (my day job is JavaScript development) but don't know a whole lot about Wii modding (I didn't even know what emunand was until I started this project).

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