USB Loader GX refusing to update?

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    Hey! Spent a while this weekend pulling my hair out over USB Loader GX and on Monday finally got it working. On my initial test I had 4 GameCube Games and 1 Wii Game to test the waters over a lot of USB Formats, and added more once it got working.
    However this morning I was greeted with "USB Failed to Inititalize. Returning to screen display." So, after plugging my USB (SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB, FAT32, 32K Partitioned) into my laptop it was apparent that the little thing had keeled over and all the use fried it. So I went to BestBuy, got a replacement (SanDisk Ultra 3.0 128GB) and rinsed and repeated the FAT32 formatting, and replacing the files from my Tuesday backup on my Laptop, only now USB Loader GX only displays the initial 4 GC and 1 Wii Game I started with, despite there being about 20 games on there now. Not sure what to do, I've tried changing all the USBLGX settings I could.

    Below is my SysCheck
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Any and all advice is appreciated. I'm aware a HDD is needed in the long run but I wanna play some games and get things running until I have the funds for those huge things.
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    Thank you for your your sysCheck.It looks good.Maybe you can re-istall/change the Base(s) from cIOS Slots 249(56) and 250(57) to 249(57) and 250(56).

    You have the answer for yourself:

    If you want to use your Flashdrive furthermore,then it is recommended to format it to WBFS.But sadly you can only use it then for Wii games.Or you can use an older USB Drive/Stick.

    Thank you.:)
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    your thread's title is "refusing to update" but you didn't talk about any loader's version.
    If your loader is 1262 (or any other) and you are not prompted to update from within the loader's interface, it's because I didn't sent the information that a new version is available.
    you need to update it manually to 1272 (download the zip from my signature or sourceforge, extract to SD). soon 1273 with a surprise feature (not from me), and very dangerous GPT bug fixed (from me).

    Like Alexander said, you'll have better compatibility with games if you are using base57.
    so, either you reinstall to have 57 in slot249
    either you change the loader's setting to use slot250 instead of 249, which is easier and faster.
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