USB Loader GX Not Detecting HD

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    hello everyone I have a problem with my WD my passport ultra 1tb. the drive itself works fine it is detected on my PC just fine (it's even fast then my 500 dollar laptops hard drive lol). I first had the drive formatted in WBFS but I still was having problems at this point and I found out it had a 500 game limit which I didn't like so I switched to NTFS and the drive still worked and all my games were there, but when I load up USB loader one of three things happens....1. it gets stuck at the initializing USB device screen, then I force shut down the Wii (which I don't like doing since it is 7 years old). the second thing that could happen is that it gets past the initializing USB device screen but it doesn't initialize the drive I wait the forty seconds for the countdown to end twice and it still doesn't work, it just says failure to initialize USB device and it only shows my Wii NAND channels. The third thing that happens is that everything works fine and loads up all my games, which is great but it doesn't happen all the time. So to try and fix this I have done a few things I have formatted the drive and installed all my games from scratch... Didn't work. I've tried changing the IOS loaders from 249 and 249 (which is the default) to 249,250 and 250,250 and 222,222 and 222,223 and a lot more none of them worked I only have two things left to do before I have nothing else to do,to try and fix this one of which I'm doing right now is carrying over all my games into a data partition on my Laptop and then reformatting the drive in FAT32 and seeing if that works if not the only thing left to do is try another HD but the only USB hard drive in the house is my dad's 30gb drive for recovery I think and I don't want to tamper with that. so anyone help will be appreciated I really am stuck on this one. Also if this is important I plan to retire the Wii for a bit because I still have the box and move everything over to the VWII on Wii U I want to make sure my HD works on there too.

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