USB Loader GX latest Version Music and Game Crash Issues

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by J0ker, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Oct 10, 2009
    i have a white day one wii, Firmware 4.0E, latest USB laoder GX and and a Mybook 500GB HDD with two partitions - Fat32 for Roms and NTFS with a wbfs folder for wii backups. so far so good.
    now, my problem is, aside from the fact that the fat32 partition is set active and the pirmary partition and still homebrew channel and emulators except wii64 and wiisx dont recognize it, that some games have sound and crash issues.
    those are sometimes random, and sometimes always at the same spot.
    for instance, they are random in goldeneye single player mode. i asked for a save file in another thread, because of this error. lucky me i managed to still complete the game, but it is an annoying issue.
    it alwas happens in the same spot in clone wars republic heroes, the obi wan plo koon mission.

    and yesterday it happened in the spinville galaxy in super mario galaxy 2. the problem is that not only do the games not play any music anymore, they also dont finish their code at that point. that means in clone wars, level events dont happen that need to happen for me to progress. same in SMG2, when the gravity arrows dont change anymore. and a few minutes after that, the game simply crashes.

    now, my games are sometimes ntsc and sometimes pal. however, its not a region issue, as it happens in both regions. also, i know that those games worked before, since i only recently updated.
    i searched for that error but didnt find anything regarding the usb loader.
    i am not sure if maybe my usb cable from hdd to wii is broken, but it does not happen in all games.
    i tried reverting to the old version of usb loader but i cant find it anymore...

    any ideas?