USB Loader GX finally running - Thank you

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    Nov 19, 2011
    Hi all.

    I'm a new member to this community. This post is just to extend a big thank you to the entire community, whose many discussions and threads guided my way and answered most of my questions.

    I've got a second hand wii on 4.3E. Don't know if it was bought like that or updated, but it had a CFG loader that didn't work at all (which I removed. With research, and all of the many questions that people asked and got answered, my USB Loader GX, which has been installed for too long but not really working, has just run the first game: Link's Crossbow Training, from my USB Flash drive.

    It is now a happy forwarder on my home screen, and my next step is to get the rest of the games I want there.

    Now I may need a little help here and there, and maybe a couple of private questions if anybody would volunteer to answer some of those topics you only want to talk about via pm, but anyway here are a few lightweight questions:

    - The last step in getting my USB Loader GX to actually run the game was overwriting cIOS d2x6 (as IOS249 base 57?). The tutorial of cIOS d2x6 installer (on Homebrewmenstioned something which I didn't really understand, about doing the same thing (patching) to another IOS (250 with base 56?). Is that necessary or is it just a plus for a feature that I may not need?

    - The info page on this forum says something about Unlocking USB Loader first with a password. I didn't do that (I think I installed it

    - Just before starting the game on the loader (turning disc image), there is a "details" link. I click that but I get "Error: Could not open wiitdb.xml". I reinserted the disc to see if it's a file that should read from the optical drive. Same happens.

    - What's the deal with "formatting" my drive to the wbfs thing? I installed (ripped?) Link's Crossbow to the flash drive, which I think is Fat32. When I put that back in the PC, I saw the wbfs files, the drive was not formatted and it's still Fat32 and it works. If I got another .wbfs file, and just copy it next to the others, will, it appear in USB Loader and play just fine?

    - USB Loader should do all I need, so I shouldn't worry about CFG Loader and NeoGamma, right?

    I'll stop the question rain right now, and hope the answers will be useful to others as well.
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    My 2 cents on questions 4 and 5..

    There's no need to format to WBFS. If you're happy with FAT32 then keep it that way. You can copy any WBFS file into the folder and it'll work fine as long as you follow the naming convention used. eg. "GameID_Title.wbfs" or if it uses folders "GameID_Title\GameID.wbfs" There's loads of valid naming conventions, so just use the same layout as your existing file. You could also use one of the available managers to do this automatically for you. It's easy enough to convert ISO to WBFS etc. using them as well.

    GX vs CFG is really down to personal preference. My advice is to try both and decide for yourself.
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