USB Loader GX and playing .wbfs games?

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    I have a soft modded Wii, and USB Loader. I used to use WBFS manager to format my 32gb USB stick and install game ISOs onto it, but I recently acquired a collection of games with a wbfs extension. I tried one USB stick formatted in FAT32 format, and the same kind of USB stick formatted in NFTS format, created a wbfs folder on the root, and drag-and-drop copied the gamws with a .wbfs extension to the USB stick(s), but when I load up USB Loader GX, it just goes to a black screen, and I have to turn off my Wii.

    Any help to get .wbfs games working would be appreciated. Perhaps I need a different USB loader, or concerns .wbfs format gamws to another format? My gamws are named like this: Mario Party 8 [RM8E01].wbfs
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    the .wbfs files need to be in correct folders, with correct filenames.
    You can't just place all files in the same folder with random names.

    /wbfs/sub-Folder/wbfs file(s) here

    /wbfs/Game's Title [GameID6]/GameID6.wbfs

    /wbfs/New super Mario Wii [SMNP01]/SMNP01.wbfs
    /wbfs/Mario Party 8 [RM8E01]/RM8E01.wbfs

    Now you will thing "how the hell would I get the gameID?"
    you don't. there are tools to place and rename the files and folders correctly for you.

    Download WiiBackupManager (NEVER USE WBFS manager anymore! it's a bad program)

    1 Go to "settings>FAT32" tab
    select "layout format : "Title [ID]"
    select "automatically rename folder name convention at mount"
    select "use subfolders"

    2 go to "settings>Title" tab
    Download Wiitdb file
    enable "use wiitdb names for folders"

    Exit the settings.

    Now, mount your drive in the "drive" tab and ALL your games in /wbfs/ folder will be moved and renamed correctly in 1 second.
    try the drive again in the loader.

    to add games, use that program again. Open the ISO and select "transfer" to copy/rename/split the file into wbfs format.