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    Jan 8, 2019
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    Is it possible to use a USB Gecko or Shuriken USB to perform real-time RAM hacking with either GBI on Swiss or a Gameboy Player proper? I have scoured the internet and have found no post or video of this every being attempted. I am not even sure if this is technically possible based on how the Gameboy player hardware works. However, the GBI's features specifically indicate having an option (enabled by default) to connect to a USB Gecko while running.

    So far I have tried (using a Shuriken USB in Slot B and "USB Gecko Debug" and "WiiRD debug" enabled in Swiss v0.4):
    • Connecting to the "USB Gecko" on the Swiss interface
      • Result: Swiss attempts to "read" indefinitely
    • Connecting when GBI is running using WiiRdGUI.exe 0.9.3 on connected desktop computer
      • Result: Wiird attempts to send a command after ">gamestatus" and fails with "Error Sending Command" and resets the device driver indefinitely. I have tried GBI, GBI SR and GBI HF and several subversions, all with the same result.
    • Running Gecko OS version "1.06d fixed" and running the Gameboy Player disc as the game and selecting Launch Game
      • Result: Wiird attempts to connect as above and fails indefinitely. This method works for others games such as Windwaker, just not the Gameboy Player disc.
    I have also tried running versions of Gecko.Net but I was met with similar results. I suspect that perhaps a USB Gecko and not Shuriken USB would work but I have no means by which to test that as the USB Gecko is extremely rare. It is possible a different hooktype needs to be specified but I have found no options for this in Swiss or this version of Gecko OS.

    If anyone has any experience or insight on this topic I would greatly appreciate your feedback!
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