Upgrading my RAM

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  1. FireGrey

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    Apr 13, 2010
    Current specs of my RAM, 1x2GB DDR2 399MHz.
    I want to upgrade my RAM.
    To atleast 4GB.
    So far here are my options:
    Although the last one is a bit more money then i intend to spend.
    I'm getting it from PC Case Gear because my friend said he ordered 12GB of ram off it and it's about 2 day shipping in Australia and it's not like my friend would scam/trick me [​IMG]
    Do my RAM have to match exactly?
    Or can i just do whatever RAM is compatible with my RAM slot?
    And is there anything BIOS wise i need to do after putting the RAM in?
    I have only ever put RAM in a desktop PC but I know the method of putting it into a notebook.
    By the power of youtube [​IMG]
    thanks [​IMG]
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    You have to match that it's DDR2 DIMM (desktop) RAM (PC2-xxxx). As for the speed I'm assuming you're listing the actual clock, not the effective (~800mhz)? If you mix and match RAM speeds then your RAM will "downclock" to the lowest speed in there... and even though it's not like RAM "speed" makes that much of a difference for the average user (I'll often argue the difference is not even visible) it's best to run your RAM at the stock "speed" anyways, so you'll want to make sure of that, either getting new RAM to match the speed of the old if you're adding it in, or just getting whatever if you're swapping it out.

    How many slots do you have?

    And nothing in the BIOS should need to be touched.

    And it's easier in a desktop than in a notebook, you should be fine.
  3. Aijelsop

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    Sep 11, 2010
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    Try using Crucial.

    They tell you how much RAM is recommended, how much RAM your computer can hold, the cheapest prices, and anything else you need to know about your RAM.

    I haven't personally ordered from them yet, but my friend ordered 4GB of ram, and received it within a week.

    Using the Crucial System Scanner it tells you all about your current RAM, etc.
  4. FireGrey

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    Apr 13, 2010
    Thanks, I wasn't very clear on one major detail though.
    My PC is a Notebook.
    So it sounds as simple as i hoped.
    I just wanted to make sure.
    Anyway the question.
    The first link or second?