Upgrade / Improve Internal Memory for 3DS?

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    I've looked around the internet, and have seen only complaints about how small the internal memory is. I was wondering if it is possible to increase the internal memory of the 3DS, so as to be able to store more DSi Ware games. I've purchased quite few on my DSi and a lot on my 3DS. When I went to use the system transfer tool, I discovered that I didn't have enough free space on the 3DS's internal memory, so I had to copy and remove some DSi Ware to make room for the new ones (I didn't even move them all over!). Afterward, I started researching ways to increase the internal memory on the 3DS, and as I said, found nothing. My theory is that one would simply need to replace / add to the existing storage device inside the 3DS, although I have no idea how to go about doing this safely (without losing data or getting it bricked, specifically). Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    There is none that I am aware of. :(
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    The 3DS is probably using a special drive you're not going to find any where, though people might be able to make custom larger ones in the distant future if you donate to the 3DS decapping fund.
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    isn't it possible to store DSIWare on the sdcard?
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    I'm sorry dear, but according to documents the TWL(DSi) titles(Games) only stored on NAND(inside 3ds).
    The productor that produce that NAND chip is Toshiba, and that is a customed 1GB flash.
    You have several ways to try:
    1. telephone your nintendo support, tell them about that problem. (But that only makes low possibility since ninty doesn't want people to dive into their hardware - especially those related to their motherboard. but you can try it.)
    2. Help the HACKERS in 3dbrew by donate a few to the decapping fundraiser. (The reason why i think this is more likely to be succeed is, when they decapped and analysed the chip, we can make many use of that. oh, well that may take not a time long..) you can even tell them the problem you're facing in the email you send to them later. If successfully decapped they can even write new firmwares to let you use SD to store those games, thanks to their efforts. (but no CFW or firmware now, sorry)
    3. Buy a FPGA or other board, use your talent to remove that chip from your 3ds's motherboard softly, and use softwares to test the pinouts. if the result is not the similiar with other NAND chips, forget it and donate and softly put that back onto your 3ds's board. if the result is similiar, :lol: you're lucky -- go buy one with bigger size and same working condition (so you would have to test if trying this method) and try put the new one onto your 3ds's board, then post one about how to do so on Gbatemp (Someone will try to document that). hope your 3ds get no damage when you doing these things.
    Reminder: That is not an easy job to remove and stick the chips on motherboard (easily damaged).
    Conclusion: If you're newbie to hacking, Let the experts try solving your problem.(so help decapping is better choice)
    So..well. Hope you a good day.
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    The 3DS has an SD card slot.
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    dsiware is limited to the internal memory? If so that's some stupid shit right there.
    Originally I was gonna link to an interesting thread I found on here (128 GB sdxc in FAT32 works in the sd card slot)

    (Also: I avoided making a thread about this because it's probably not possible right now (supposedly kernel was "fully hacked" but still.) I think it'd be interesting to set the 3ds to it's hardware's native clock settings and attempt to attach a custom cooling unit to it...(but again no real purpose when it isn't fully hacked yet... :()
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    As far as I know, you can only play DSiware when they're on the Internal storage, but you can still move them to a SD card.
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    Apr 3, 2013
    The problem is that you can't play them unfortunately.
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    Wii's the same way, that's just how Nintendo rolls.
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    DSiWare games are only limited to the NAND because Nintendo is afraid of DSi hacks.
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    which goes to show that i'll never get the chance to ever play shantae unless I buy it.