Upgrade from 3.2U- preloader or Wininkoko 4.0?

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    I got Wii Music for my birthday and it's time to upgrade, if I can. First can I,and is Wininkoko 4.0 a better alternative to preloader .29 ? I heard Preloader is dangerous. Let me know what you think. It's a 3.2U right now. What's the best way to be able to play this game without bricking my system.


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  2. raptir

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    They're really completely unrelated. And both are pretty safe as long as your power doesn't go out while you're installing them. That's really the only risk. However, I don't know that either of them will let you play Wii Music. You probably need to install a couple IOS files. What error are you getting when you try to boot it? Or is it just trying to get you to update? If you have some sort of software booter that will bypass updates (I've only used USBLoader and a modchip, so I'm not sure, but maybe GeckoOS allows this?) try to boot it with that. If that doesn't work, try installing some of the IOSes, like 55 is known to be required for some games.

    But Waninkoko's 4.0 allows you to update so that you can gain the additional features of the 4.0 firmware (mainly playing WiiWare off an SD Card), while Preloader is more for brick protection and some random system hacks. Actually, I think one of the system hacks lets you bypass updates...
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    wiimusic sux man i hate to burst ur bubble but worst music game released ever, DDr is even better then this and that games fucking shit so yah.
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    As raptir said, preloader is for brick protection whereas Waninkoko's updater is just for that; updating.

    I've played Wii Music on my softmod without having to do any updates but that could be due to the preloader hacks i have installed (skip update check).
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    The best way to play it is to dump it to your USB HDD. But if you want to play it with your disc you can use either Preloader or Starfall to block disc updates. I've never messed with preloader before but Starfall is a nice app that does what I want it to.
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    Start Preloader by pressing in the reset button, go to hacks and enable Skip Disc Update, works for me on every game so far.