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  1. Antokop

    Antokop Newbie

    Jun 12, 2016
    Hi everyone, I own a N3DS XL that I bought a few months ago, it was on a version that required hardmod to install a CFW so I couldn't do it myself and found someone who did it for me.
    So now I have rxTools and these versions :
    emuNAND : RX-E 11.0.0-33E
    sysNAND : RX-S 9.2.0-20E
    I also have "ctrbootmanager" (the purple background one) thats boots straight in emuNAND.
    I'm pretty sure the hack used is themehax (same as menuhax if I understand correctly) and I learned it doesn't work on 11.1 so I shouldn't update my 3DS.

    1) Is this true with my setup ? Since I can keep a non-updated sysNAND I was thinking maybe I can update the emuNAND and still be able to play.

    So I looked for informations on that (and couldn't find much) and I realised that rxTools is not recommended and it's not kept up to date and many people recommend the Luma3DS CFW.

    2) What do you guys think I should do ? Should I / Can I switch to Luma ? And if I do so, is there any way I can update to 11.1 without owning a physical copy of any game that provide a homebrew entry point ?

    Sorry if these questions look stupid, since I didn't do anything on my 3DS by myself yet I'm a bit confused about everything, and I don't want to do anything irreversible that I would regret.

    Thanks for reading =)
  2. metroid maniac

    metroid maniac An idiot with an opinion

    May 16, 2009
    Luma3DS is easy to install since you already have rxTools and an emunand.
    Copy the hax folder to your SD card, then move rename boot.3dsx to ctrbootmanager.3dsx then put boot.3dsx from the menuhax folder in its place.

    Arm9LoaderHax is now way easier to install on the N3DS too, so you might want to get that and ditch your emunand. It's an alternative to menuhax, you use it to run a CFW like Luma.
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  3. AnalogMan

    AnalogMan ultraSuMoFramework Dev

    Apr 20, 2007
    United States
    You have three options:

    1. All the issues regarding 11.1 you've mentioned apply to sysNAND only. Since your sysNAND is and has been 9.2, you're fine to update your emuNAND to 11.1. RxTools, while outdated and unsupported, still works on 11.1.
    2. Replace RxTools with Luma3DS. Essentially just a matter of putting the Luma3DS files on your memory card and setting ctrbootmanager to run it. You also need to make a text file telling Luma3DS where you put its files if you don't put them on the root of the SD card.
    3. Use the new SafeA9LHinstaller hombrew from your 9.2 sysNAND and install A9LH, which will take over themehax's functions, give you a 100% boot rate and brick protection. Also, if, IF, you want you can move emuNAND to sysNAND and remove emuNAND entirely once you have A9LH. EmuNANDs are now obsolete except for people who have a special need for one.
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  4. Antokop

    Antokop Newbie

    Jun 12, 2016
    Thanks guys !
    I'm now on 11.1, using A9LH and Luma3DS. Everything went fine, I lost nothing (games, saves, configs) and got rid of CtrBootManager, the emuNAND partition and rxTools. It boots way quicker than it used to!
    Thanks again for taking the time to explain me !
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  5. Dracari

    Dracari GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    Apr 5, 2009
    United States
    Actually if you had any GBA VC, those saves are now lost (since at this point you have flashed your Emunand to SysNand) its the one Caveat that no one mentions
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