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    Hi since I'm officially part of the uOFW team I thought I'd make a thread about this here. I'm here to spark some interest in our project which aims to reverse engineering the PSP's firmware.
    While this may not be easily comprhendable by the average user, we simply wish to create our own 'official' firmware, with our very own modifications. Technically speaking, instead of using modified modules in flash0 (like in CFW's and LCFW's) we'd rather fully reverse engineer the modules and make complete modifications which would allow us to do something the module was never intended to do. The project's source code can be found here.

    Recently 3 of the following modules have been bought up by the uOFW team. These are:


    And currently the following modules are being worked on:

    • 0x00008768 modulemgr (Felix, noname120)
    • 0x00001C84 dmacman.prx (Kern--)
    • 0x00001B44 idstorage.prx (libcg)
    • 0x00000524 mlnbridge_msapp.prx (xerpi)
    • 0x00003C6C rtc.prx (Omega2058, Joel16)
    You can check the module status page to see which ones are working or partially working. In case you decided to start working on one, have a look at the orphan or stalled modules :) (Please do note it is required that you have a decent C and MIPS knowledge. We also have a beginner's guide here)

    We wish to see our team grow so please spread the word. Feel free to contact us via IRC on the FreeNode server(irc.freenode.net) - join channel #uofw
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