Unseated Battery Fix

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    Hi all,

    Tonight I noticed my new 3DS XL was stuck at 48% battery life according to 3DSIdent after being plugged in for about four hours. After doing some googling I found that the battery was probably unseated so I unscrewed it and reseated the battery and bam, 99% battery charge. My question is two fold:

    1) What actually causes this to happen? Before I set up an FTP homebrew on the console I was taking the back off constantly to add things to the SD card. Is it possibly I've damaged something to keep it in place?

    2) Is there a way to fix this or prevent it from happening again? I believe it may have happened before a week or so ago as my time and date were reset back to 1/1. I'd really like to make sure this stops happening. I can't send the console into Nintendo as I recently had the system hardmodded. I've considered springing for a mugen battery but I'm not sure if that'll fix the unseating issue and the 90 dollar price tag is a little high to go off on a hunch for fixing it.

    Any help you can provide would be great!
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    You could try placing a small piece of paper on top of the battery. This worked for me with a o3DSXL, but I suppose you may have to tape it in place for a n3DSXL.
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    Something similar happened with my N3DS, the power would cut off abruptly mid-use and it would jump from full to red low battery warning minutes after charging. Removing and reinserting the battery seemed to fix it for a few days before symptoms re-emerged.

    I stuck a piece of thin double-sided tape on the underside of the battery, which seems to have fixed the issue. The tape secures it in place and stops the contacts from being jogged.
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    I thought this was something only I experienced, and only on new 3DS (non-XLs).

    There's nothing you can do to prevent it other than not messing with the back of the console.
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    Nov 4, 2014
    Same is happening to me and my friend. So this is a New Nintendo 3ds battery issue then...