Unplug external/sd and back to stock w/ brazillian method?

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by tipsytoto, Nov 15, 2016.

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    If I'm using homebrew to install games on an external with disc based tickets, does the system essentially revert to a stock wii u if I remove the external and sd card with homebrew on it? I mean, does the installation process leave some sort of information on the wii u such that I may be at risk to update the system later on even if I did remove the external? Also, since the console is viewing the games as discs, can I take my external to a friend's house and plug it into his wii u and play games off of it, or is there still something tying the installed games specifically to my wii u?

    Unrelated question, is there any danger in installing a game that I actually have a disc of? What happens if I put the disc in, will there be some sort of conflict since the system thinks there are two discs of the same games in the system? I am probably deeply misunderstanding the disc ticket process but this seemed a tad confusing to me. Cheers.
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    Yes, you might be misunderstanding it a little.

    Are the tickets left on your sysnand? Yes. Are they a risk? Not that we know of.

    The console is not viewing the games as discs. It's viewing them as authorized installed titles.

    No, you can't read the hard drive on another WiiU.

    You can run a disc version of a game that you have installed. People have done this often with Wii Sports Club while trying to figure out why it runs unlocked when it is executed from disc.
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    Off topic, but I have figured out why that was. It's because Nintendo was lazy and just put the AOC content on the disc to unlock the content that's already in the game by the way. (All sports are downloading as part of the free update. The AOC just unlocks access to them.)

    So if you install the AOC content with WUPInstaller, then the game works exactly as it would on disc when installed.
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