Unlinking NANDs on a deactivated console(?)

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    I bough a New 3DS last year and e-mailed Nintendo, pretending I lost access to my old 3DS to transfer the content of the old 3DS eShop without having to upgrade it (I have it on 9.2).

    I just installed rxTools following this guide and noticed, when trying to open eShop (for step 4-14) instead of prompting me to update system FW, it gives an error. I take either they de-activated my account in that console or deactivated the console entirely.

    I still haven't unlinked the NANDs, in may particular case, is there any risk to do so? (I take that step 4-14 is getting some kind of registry code for installing CIAs, is there a risk that after formatting sysNAND it'll lose anything like that, not being able to install CIAs back on sysNAND?) Should I just keep them linked?
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    I believe the error you are getting is due to only being signed into your NNID through emuNAND. If you sign in through sysNAND this should fix your issue. Trouble is to do this, you will need to upgrade back to 10.7 sysNAND and you will lose your emuNAND access. You can always re-downgrade, however your HBL entry is limited to oot3dhax or ninjhax.

    Unlinking your NAND will not lose your ability to install CIAs in the future. I'm not sure how you have FBI installed, judging from a quick glance through the guide, i'm guessing you did a H&S Dump. Formatting the system with tiny format will not remove it. Even if it does get removed, you can always inject it again.
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