Uniracers / Unirally

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    May 17, 2009
    Been playing around with Snes9x emulator v4.0.3. Recently picked up a 2nd classic controller so wanted to have some 2 player fun with Unirally (or racers as it was known in America). However when competing against someone in split screen the 1st player can play normally while the second hovers an inch above the circuit & unable to do anything other than move. Any ideas on why this would be?

    Also found a vc channel for this which installs fine through wad manager. Unfortunately when trying it out it prompts for pin then fades to black & freezes, meaning I have to unplug the wii to reset. Have tried this with a number of games including Mario Allstars & Killer Instinct & same thing happens. Please note these are injected vc channels & I am using v3.2e with hbc, wad manager 1.3, cios249v7.
    Any help people?